Twitter changing the way trends are displayed on mobile apps

Twitter Update

Twitter has just announced a major change for its mobile apps with the removal of the Activity and Discover tabs on the mobile apps. Twitter apps on Android and iOS will now simply show the trends through the search bar, which can be activated by tapping the search icon on the app. Some users have already seen this feature on Android, but we never had an official announcement from Twitter regarding the change.

Top trending hashtags will even show an image and description next to them, which gives users a better understanding of what it actually stands for. Twitter explains the feature in its blog post:

We know that trends aren’t always self-explanatory, so now you’ll see a description below each trend. Since trends tend to be abbreviations without context, like #NYFW, a description will make it clear that this trend is about New York Fashion Week. The new trends experience may also include how many Tweets have been sent and whether a topic is trending up or down.

The mobile apps are said to be updating already, so you should see these changes on your devices anytime now. Twitter recently posted an update to the Android version of the app by removing some of the unnecessary buttons on the app and this new feature will go a long way in enhancing the user experience as well.

Source: Twitter Blog

Via: Android Central

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