This week’s best deals on phones, tabs, wearables, accessories and apps – April 17

We might as well call this the Samsung Galaxy S6 promotion collection. The most exciting smartphone in Android history since… ever (?) reportedly got off to a roaring start at the box-office, and is fairly hard to come by in many brick and mortar US outlets.

Save Money

Things will likely get worse in the next few weeks, despite LG G4’s imminent debut, so we’ve gathered for you today a slew of Amazon listings that you can use to dodge the in-store frenzy. But of course, we have our budget-conscious handheld buyers covered as well, plus basic wearable enthusiasts and especially Android app bargain hunters.

Listen up, y’all, and listen good, because discounts galore:

April 17’s best smartphone deals


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, gold platinum 32 GB$300 with AT&T contracts; $815 outright (pre-order only; shipping April 27)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, gold platinum 128 GB$500 with AT&T pacts; $990 outright (available April 27)

Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6, gold platinum 64 GBstarting at $300 with Sprint

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, gold platinum 64 GB Sprint$400 and up

What we’ve selected here for you is far more precious than your typical $10 off “deal”. It’s a bunch of exotic flavors of the “next big things” that no one can deliver earlier than Amazon. Have at it, and remember, gold is best! Particularly when paired with enough digital hoarding space to store every episode of The Simpsons ever made.

Samsung Galaxy S6 factory unlocked, white – $754.94

Still not exactly affordable, the SIM-free metallic beast is a cool $100 cheaper than last week.


Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked – $397 in black; $396 in white

If your reaction to a one-year-old high-end mobile is “Ew! No way!”, then this promo isn’t for you. Everyone else, consider this – HTC’s One M8 is $470 and up. And the S5 isn’t that bad, with waterproof features, a sharp Super AMOLED 1,080p screen and 16 MP rear-facing camera.

BLU Vivo Air – $189.97 in black; $199.99 in white gold

Say hello to the world’s slimmest smartphone. At 5.1 mm thin, the Vivo Air looks like it may crumble out of the blue. But all things considered, it’s pretty durable in addition to incredibly stylish and well-endowed in the photography department.

Blu Vivo Air

Motorola Moto G for Boost Mobile – $43 (67 percent off list)

This is the original model, so you don’t get LTE speeds or microSD support. At 43 bucks, consider yourselves lucky you’re getting a touchscreen. With 720p resolution, no less.

LG G2 AT&T unlocked – $211

It’s got Lollipop now, it’s cheaper than ever before, so you’ll want to look beyond its advanced age. After all, a Full HD display, quad-core S800 punch and 2 GB RAM are anything but 2013-reminiscent specs.

Tablet bargains


Lenovo A10-70 – $209

In the age of ultra-low-cost gear, it’s still not easy to find a half-decent 10 incher at sub-$250. Lenovo’s low-profile trooper qualifies, with 9-hour battery, KitKat software and a 9 mm waist.

Lenovo A10-70

Asus MeMo Pad 7 ME176CX – $125

Always a team player, always focused on squeezing the best quality out of the least pricey contraptions, Asus gives you quad-core Intel Atom speed, a respectable 1,280 x 800 7-inch screen and 16 GB internal storage for a little over a Benjamin. Not bad!

Wearable deals and steals


Jawbone Up2 – $99.99

Jawbone Up2

It literally just broke cover, and it’s already up for grabs. Forget savings, that alone is a fact worth mentioning. Also, the Up2 is sleeker and handsomer than its predecessor, offering the basics of fitness tracking in a long-lasting package.

Garmin Forerunner 220 heart rate monitor bundle – $259.99

It’s perhaps not the “smartest” watch as far as Android users are concerned, but sports addicts go nuts about “advanced” Garmin wearables, and for a good reason. Make that several reasons: built-in GPS support, high-res color display, stellar battery life, water protection, shock resistance, more sensors than we can count.

Jawbone Up24 – $33.69 used, very good condition

No better time to purchase older Jawbones than just as newer models debut. While you’re at it, why not score a pre-owned, mint-like smart band?



Bastex Samsung Galaxy S6 Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector – $2.99

Bastex Heavy Duty hybrid armor case for Galaxy S6 – $6.99

Galaxy S6 case

Bastex Heavy Duty Galaxy S6 protective armor case – $7.99

No matter what various drop tests might try to tell you, the glass-and-aluminum GS6 ain’t indestructible. The screen can be a finger magnet too, and not in a good way, but in exchange for only 10 bucks, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Satechi Divoom Bluetune-Bean portable Bluetooth speaker – $16.99 and up

“Small enough to fit in one hand”, this baby is a little on the unattractive side, but it can last 6 hours between charges and packs “powerful 360-degree sound.”

Belkin Fusive portable Bluetooth speaker – $33.48 (67 percent off)

Belkin Fusive

At under one pound, the Fusive is extremely light for its size… and capabilities – 10-hour autonomy, 30 feet range, “room-filling”, distortion-free audio.

VicTsing wireless Bluetooth 3.0 waterproof speaker – $20.99 ($59 savings)

Another portable speaker? Is there something in the air or what? No idea, but the cool thing about this product is it conveys 5W sound in the shower.

Free Android app of the day bundle

Runtastic Pro


You all know and love these “routine” Amazon Appstore freebie accumulations, and this week in particular, you can find an impressive number of gems downloadable with no charge. Runtastic PRO for outdoorsy individuals. Virtua Tennis Challenge for Sega fans. Flightradar24 Pro for frequent fliers. Prince of Persia Classic. A Better Camera Unlocked. Splashtop Whiteboard, typically available for $34.99 (!!!), and so on and so forth.

Hurry though, as app promos tend to expire before you can take full advantage of them.