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The Galaxy S6 Edge Costs More To Build Than An iPhone 6 Plus


The Galaxy S6 Edge is now one of the most expensive smartphones to make. That’s according to research form IHS at least, who say that the 64 GB model costs $290 to be built.

The 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus, for comparison, costs $263 to build. This isn’t terribly surprising however, as the Galaxy S6 Edge is a much different phone with its curves. Samsung has to buy special batteries and screens to fit the design, increasing the cost of the device.

At full sale price however, the Galaxy S6 Edge is still the cheaper device. The S6 Edge is as low as $799, while the 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus is $849. So while both devices are much cheaper to make than their sale prices, you can bet that both Samsung and Apple will have good profits this coming quarter.

Via: Re/code

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