SwiftKey will soon autofill your passwords on Dashlane

Dashlane - SwiftKey

SwiftKey is reportedly teaming up with Dashlane to bring auto filling of passwords. As we all know, one of the most annoying aspects of using a mobile keyboard is to enter lengthy passwords manually.

Dashlane is one of the most popular password manager apps for Android. It is said that the upcoming beta of SwiftKey (version 5.3) will introduce this newly forged partnership between SwiftKey and Dashlane.

The functionality is very convenient and SwiftKey will prompt you when you’re on a website or an app with your password stored on Dashlane. The passwords will be displayed on top of the keyboard in the form of suggestions, where you can simply select them and start using it normally. It is important to note that SwiftKey has no access to your passwords as it will still remain securely with Dashlane.

Beta testers of SwiftKey will find this feature over the coming days, assuming they have Dashlane installed as well. It might take some time for this feature to make its way to regular users of the SwiftKey keyboard though as it’s a beta only feature for the time being.

SwiftKey keyboard has found it difficult to appeal to the users given the dearth of third party keyboards out there. Not to mention the already decent stock Android keyboard which makes it even harder for customers to switch to a third party alternative. Are you a user of SwiftKey? What do you make of this new addition?

Via: Android Police

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