Sharp unveils 5.5 inch 4K resolution display

Sharp 4K Display

Japanese display manufacturer Sharp has just unveiled a new 5.5 inch UHD 4K resolution display meant for smartphones. This takes the pixel density race to a whole different level, providing an insane pixel density of 806 ppi. The panel will probably make its way to devices later this year, although the company hasn’t provided details on availability as of yet.

A 2K resolution display is currently the best one can find in terms of pixel density, but 4K will offer double the number of pixels. All those pixels will not be discernible to the human eye, making it a needless innovation in the mobile segment.

But needless to say, manufacturers will use this as a marketing ploy and hop on board right away. Prominent mobile players Samsung and LG who also have their own display units might be looking to up the ante as well. A recent rumor hinted that the Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung later this year will also feature the said display.

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