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Samsung looking at new manufacturing methods to speed up production of the Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge

According to a new report, Samsung is looking to speed up production of the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone by changing production methods. We reported yesterday as to how its new display production unit will help speed up assembly of the new flagship.

It is said that the company’s current manufacturing process which involves heating up both sides of the display panel (before being bent) is the reason there are such low yields at the moment. So the solution to this will be to just heat one side of the display panel, which will save time and also money for the company.

Samsung insiders have given out this report with the company yet to mention anything on record. It’s clear that the demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge has surpassed the company’s expectations with many preferring the company’s curved display model over the standard panel version. This has taken the company by surprise and forced them to make necessary adjustments in order to facilitate the demand.

Source: ET News

Via: Sam Mobile

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