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Samsung Galaxy S6 users complain of RAM issues

Samsung Galaxy S6

According to a handful of users, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge are faced with an issue pertaining to the RAM. Owners claim that the apps on the two smartphones are killed too frequently, resulting in lost processes and premature closure of applications. This has obviously caused a bit of an annoyance for the customers and we hope it gets the attention of Samsung.

Since this is happening in the background, it is possible that it is a bug. Either way, it behooves Samsung to make sure this issue is not a major concern as it could affect sales of the two flagships. The company hasn’t issued a word on this yet, but it is likely that we’ll hear about it soon enough.

Users are further claiming that they only have about 200 to 300MB of RAM storage left when checked through the Settings. This is despite clearing up all the running applications on the system. So clearly, the company has some serious issues to address.

Source: XDA Forums

Via: Phone Arena

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