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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to be available in limited quantities initially

Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung’s JK Shin has mentioned in an interview that the Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone will be available in limited quantities during the initial stages of its availability, which officially begins tomorrow. According to him, the yields for the special curved display used by the phone is relatively low at this point, which could impact supply.

Given that the display is one of the crucial components of the smartphone, Samsung has no option but to wait till the yields improve. We’re not sure if this will impact customers who have recently placed an order for the Samsung flagship, but it seems like the company will make sure that the Galaxy S6 Edge remains in stock for as long as possible. But low yields might mean that the device will not be available to purchase over the coming weeks.

We haven’t heard much about this from the retailers, so it might not be impacting availability as of yet. It’s good to see that the company is embracing the trouble faced by its manufacturing unit rather than brush it aside as a non-issue.

Source: Korea Herald

Via: Android Authority

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