Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 55]

Welcome to another post that mostly covers issues after Lollipop was installed on Samsung Galaxy S5.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 in boot loop after an update

Problem: Hi there. I’m experiencing an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. When the screen is off. It appears to turn itself back on after 5 seconds, then turns off and turns back on again. This started after the new update took place. Please advise when you get the chance. Thanks. — Christian

Troubleshooting: Hi Christian. We assume that you are referring to the new Android Lollipop when you say the problem started after an update. Your phone may be in a state called boot loop right now.

The first troubleshooting step you must do is to try bringing the phone in Safe Mode. Doing this narrows the possible cause of the problems to third party apps. While in Safe Mode, your phone will be limited to run only first party apps, removing installed third party apps from the picture. If your phone works normally while in Safe Mode, that’s a strong indicator that one of the installed apps is the culprit. You must uninstall each third party app individually so you can further isolate the real reason for this problem.

Some users reported that they have eliminated this problem before by removing and reinserting their SD card after the update. You must give this a try as well.

Doing a factory reset also resolves almost all post-update problems so this will be your ultimate troubleshooting step before you consider getting a replacement.


Missing details in lock screen after Samsung Galaxy S5 updated to Lollipop

Problem: Hi. I saw your forum and was hoping you could maybe help me out. I got an update on my phone recently, and I can now no longer see on my lock screen that I have messages, missed calls, etc. They, along with Facebook messenger symbols, don’t even show up in the bar at the top of the screen. Any advice on how to change this back? Thanks in advance. — Rebecca

Troubleshooting: Hi Rebecca. The new Lollipop update has brought a new way users get notifications. Basically, Lollipop appears to lean more toward information security and privacy by giving users more options on what to display on the lock screen. What you need to do here is to go to Settings > Sound and Notification menu customize whatever you want to be shown on the screen while it’s locked.

We really don’t know what information are deemed sensitive for you but just play around with the options provided and you’ll soon see first hand what we mean.


Samsung Galaxy S5 problems with buttons

Problem: Hello Droid Guy. I have the Galaxy S5…love it! I’ve had the phone for almost 2 years.

One of the handy features though has stopped working properly. The small touch  “buttons” (for task manager & back) on either side of the home button at bottom of phone do not light up any longer. I also have to tap multiple times now before they’ll actually work.

How can I get this feature back & working smoothly again? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

This is the first time I’ve emailed you for advice. Will you email answer directly back to me?

Thank you…can’t wait for your help! — C. Mitchell

Troubleshooting: Hi C. Mitchell. We don’t email our responses to individual readers but publish our answers for the benefit of the public. Regarding the problem with the capacitive buttons you mentioned, the only suggestion we can give to you is to have this phone checked by a technician. The problem appears hardware in nature, which means that someone needs to check the status of the parts in question. There’s no solution we can provide you at this point because the problem has nothing to do with the current firmware or with the phone’s settings.


Samsung Galaxy S5 suffers performance issues after Lollipop update

Problem: I have a Samsung S5 Active on AT&T recently updated to 5.0. The phone has become much slower to respond in opening apps such as messaging email, phone log, X, cetera. The LED continues to blink on new notifications even though I have completely turned it off. Also, the screen seems to have lost sensitivity. For example, if I try to open the calculator app, the messaging icon, which is beside it, gets opened instead. I am not happy with the update and with the performance of the phone. This was once a great phone! Thanks a million in advance. — Glen

Troubleshooting: Hi Glen. Android Lollipop is a major operating system overhaul which means that are a lot of changes in the system once it is installed. Some Android devices may suffer from performance issues afterwards mainly because of a few things. One of the common culprits is the presence of unwanted file directories that remain after a successful update. Corrupted files and messed up directories are usually left after a major update. They can cause a few issues including causing the phone to work significantly slower. To avoid this from happening, we recommend that you clear the cache partition to ensure that your storage device is clean.

Another possible reason for the performance issue you’re having may be due to low storage space left on your phone’s memory or SD card. During an update, your phone may decide to keep parts of an app separated in an SD card while some are stored in the internal memory. This can cause problems that Android developers have not anticipated.

If you have been reading our blog, we always recommend that a user do a factory reset if the phone has multiple issues after an update. We don’t see why your case should be an exception. Kindly do a factory reset and let us know in your next email if the problems you have will be resolved.


Samsung Galaxy S5 getting black screen after it was dropped

Problem: I have been having problems with letters on my phone being blacked out. A couple examples are when I listen to Pandora some of the letters in the names of the songs are blacked out or when I have my code on my phone to unlock with a 4 digit code, the numbers on the screen would eventually turn to black blocks! Any idea of why this happens?? I have dropped my phone a couple times, would that cause the problem?? Thanks!! — Erica

Troubleshooting: Hi Erica. Do you randomly get blackened screen or does it happen at the same exact spot? If it’s the latter, most probably you have a hardware issue at hand. If you get random blackened part of the screen, it may be app-related. It would be wise if you have a technician check the full functionality of your display because we suspect that this is a hardware failure.


Samsung Galaxy S5 working back to normal after re-downloading Lollipop

Problem: Hello guys. I just wanted to update you with the issue. So, I realized that my phone was still getting signal every couple of seconds and then lose it. I’ve restored factory setting 2 times and that didn’t work. Also contacted the provider and they said to contact Samsung. I saw this post about reverting back to KitKat. I was about to download the firmware for KitKat but decided to try and give Lollipop another chance. I downloaded the firmware for Lollipop and now, its working!!!

I guess my phone encountered an issue while upgrading to Lollipop previously and that made my phone not work. — Sarah

Troubleshooting: Hi Sarah. We’re glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue yourself. We cannot give any explanation more than you do what happened to your device but at least we know now that it was indeed a software problem. Good job! Keep us posted.


Samsung Galaxy S5 shows thin and thick lines when watching videos

Problem: Hi. I’m having a problem with my phone…obviously. My phone screen glitches when I watch movies. It will have thin or thick lines of a solid color suddenly appear or disappear and I can’t watch the movies I want to on Netflix or anything else. When I’m in my app menu there is a small thin section on top of the words that is dotted green and no matter what I try it won’t go away and I have a feeling it has to do with the glitching…I don’t know what to do I can’t afford to get a new phone because of such a dumb problem… I’d really appreciate help. Thanks. — Summer

Troubleshooting: Hi Summer. Does the glitch only appears when you try to use a certain app? If it does, try to reinstall the said app and contact its developer if the problem continues. However, if the problem happens regardless of the app you’re using, it may be a display issue. That means that the thin and/or thick lines showing are caused by faulty screen. You must tap the help of a technician in resolving a screen issue as there’s a chance that the hardware may need replacement.

If you suspect that the problem is software in nature though, doing a factory reset won’t hurt.


 Samsung Galaxy S5 stops reading SD card after a chip has been changed

Problem: Hi. I’m Gabi. I’ve bought an S5 awhile ago and everything was ok for a couple of days. One day, I shut it down and on the screen appeared some instructions ( i assumed ) in Korean and it didn’t shut down.

After a few minutes it restarted by itself and from that moment the message that appears saying the phone cannot read the phone card.

We have changed the chip but it did not improve anything. Can it be repaired? What could of have had happened? Thanks a lot. — Gabi

Troubleshooting: Hi Gabi. If you changed some components on the phone, it would be best if you can bring the phone to a local shop. We don’t provide hardware troubleshooting or solution in this blog.

If you changed a chip on the phone yourself, we’re pretty sure that you can be resourceful enough to know what the problem is. We always assume that users who tinker with the hardware of an advanced device like the Samsung Galaxy S5 are fully equipped to handle the possible consequences that may happen. If you cannot handle the issue though, it’s always wise to seek help from a professional.


Samsung Galaxy won’t power on

Problem: Hi Samsung Team. My Galaxy S5 this morning froze while I was listening to Pandora. When I tried to back out of the app the reaction time was extremely slow. Once the Pandora app closed, all of the additional aps on my home screen disappeared and only displayed my wall paper. The phone froze and turned black, mimicking like it was turned off. My attempt to restart the phone by holding down the power key, resulted in the phone freezing on the Verizon Wireless logo. I took out he battery, and put it back in hoping that would fix the issue, however now the phone just won’t turn on.

Can you please help with this issue? Or at least explain what’s going on?

Lastly, I’ve never had problems with this phone until the latest upgrade requirement was installed.

Thank you. — Curtis

Troubleshooting: Hi Curtis. Have you considered charging the battery before attempting to turn the phone back on? If this is not a battery problem, then most probably the issue lies on the phone itself. Almost all smartphone nowadays are designed to slow their CPUs down once they reach a certain heat threshold. If carried to the extreme, the phone simply shuts down and may not be powered on unless its sensors have detected that the CPU cores are within acceptable heat levels. Try to leave the phone off for a couple of hours before attempting to turn it back on to see if our hunch is right. If the phone won’t respond still, there may be an issue with the motherboard. In this case, you will be better off if you bring the device to your local shop for repair, or to Samsung/service provider for replacement.


Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot receive initial group messaging text

Problem: Hello. I have a GS5, and there have been a couple of situations where I don’t receive the initial text message from the person who starts the group message, but I receive the reply messages from the other people. I never see the first text message, and if no one replied, I would never know a group message was sent.

Is this a common problem? Is there a fix for this? I am not sure if this is a phone issue or service issue (I am T-Mobile and the others who sent group message is Verizon). This is extremely important as the messages are work-related.

Your help is greatly appreciated. — Carol

Troubleshooting: Hi Carol. We have not received any similar issue from other readers so it’s best if you consult T-Mobile first. Based on experience, this cannot be a stock messaging problem because we do group messaging here in Thedroidguy all the time. If T-Mobile keeps tab of unusual problems, this issue may already be included in their list at this time. We honestly don’t have a direct answer for this problem but we hope that your service provider can help you with it.


How to turn off Android auto update notification in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I am great fan of your work on addressing the issues with Galaxy S5 and the problems that are associated with Lollipop upgrade. I thought that I was cautious in not allowing the system to download the Lollipop version 5.0 but somehow it was downloaded. Having read all the issues your readers facing problem with latest update, I would like to stop this from installing in to my mobile. Tried various ways but the notification message keeps on staying in the notification panel. What to do to stop appearing on notification panel as I suspect that I may accidentally press the install button.

Please help me to remove this download from my mobile or at least the message from notification panel. Regards. — Srini

Troubleshooting: Hi Srini. Frankly speaking, Lollipop’s release has not been smooth as planned due to many glitches plaguing it. If you are not that excited to use Lollipop at this time, you can turn off the auto update notification by following the steps below:

  • Go to your App drawer and tap Apps.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Scroll down to About device.
  • Tap Software update.
  • Ensure that Auto update box is NOT checked.


Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera app keeps on crashing

Problem: Hi. My camera in my Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps crashing. If I go to take a photo in it says “camera fail”. I have to restart my phone for it to work briefly before crashing again. Do u know what my problem is? My friend who has the same phone is having the same problem.

Troubleshooting: Hi. Try to delete the camera app’s cache and data for it to work properly again. This problem happens when the app’s cache is corrupted so erasing the current cache will help. Erasing the app’s data, on the other hand, works like an app re-install so if the problem continues after deleting the cache, we recommend that you also delete the data. Here are the simple steps how to delete the cache of a particular app.

  • Head back to the Home screen.
  • Open the App drawer or list.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications section.
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Swipe left or right to the appropriate screen (Downloaded, SD card, Running, All)
  • Look for the camera app.
  • Tap Clear data.
  • Tap OK.
  • Hit Clear cache.

If, for some reason, the camera app keeps on crashing still, you want to consider doing a factory reset. That would definitely solve your issue.


 Samsung Galaxy S5 blank screen issue | not responsive

Problem: Hi. I just purchased an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 and it has started to give me serious problems. The screen goes blank for long periods of time and no button (including the power button) will get it to restart.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason for this. It just does it.  I press all buttons and nothing happens, rendering the phone useless.  The battery is often fully charged. 

It seems to be getting increasingly worse.

Any idea what could be causing this? Since it’s a new phone, I doubt it is the battery.

Thanks. — Saran

Troubleshooting: Hi Saran. If you think theirs is no battery problem, then it must only be the phone and the display in particular. Was this phone dropped before? The problem that you have usually happens after a device was dropped. Our first goal here is to identify whether the problem is hardware or software in nature. At this point, it can any of the two. We usually recommend that you bring the device to a local shop for repair if we suspect that there is a problem with parts like the phone’s display. Otherwise, a software issue can be determined by further probing.

If a powerful smartphone like your S5 becomes unresponsive for longer than usual time, it may also be caused by problematic apps. Try to bring your phone in Safe Mode if you can and observe it for a few hours. While in Safe mode, the phone cannot run third party apps so it’s an effective way to confirm our suspicion that an app may be at play here.

Clearing the cache partition is also a recommended step, especially if the phone’s firmware has been updated.

Finally, restoring the device to its factory default may be necessary if nothing has improved. Because doing so would delete everything on your phone, make sure to backup all your personal data first before you proceed with it.


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