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Project Fi app makes its way to the Play Store, exclusive to the Nexus 6 for now

Google Project Fi

The Project Fi app has just made its way to the Google Play Store, although only limited to the Nexus 6 for the time being. For those unaware, Project Fi users will be able to cleverly switch their networks between Sprint and T-Mobile bands depending on which carrier has the better 4G LTE network in your region.

Customers can do a whole lot with this app, including checking out data usage, activating a new plan and much more, so this is a must have if you’re looking to hop on board the Project Fi train. Availability is still pretty limited as only users of the Nexus 6 can access the service, but we expect that to change over the coming days. The reason only the Nexus 6 is compatible now is because the ability to switch networks seamlessly is only available on the handset.

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Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police

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