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OnePlus Launches The DR-1 Drone, For Real

OnePlus DR-1


Unlike T-Mobile and Google, OnePlus’s new product launch is not a joke. The very real product is the OnePlus DR-1, which is essentially a micro-drone.

The DR-1 is $19.99 before shipping costs and has no camera, so keep that in mind if you want to film something from the air, as this product can’t do that. However, after a 20-minute charge, you will be able to fly the DR-1 for about 5-8 minutes.

To show you that this is in fact, a real product, here is my confirmation email. It has my personal information removed, but it does show that this product is real.

OnePlus DR-1 Confirmation Email

So if you do want to purchase this mini-drone, OnePlus says it is only available in a “limited quantity”. It could be a great gift for someone you know or you could use it as a stepping stone to get into the hobby of drones.

Source: OnePlus

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