Instagram for Android gets new Color and Fade feature

Instagram - Color and Fade

As part of the version 6.19.0 update of Instagram, the developers have freshly baked in support for features called Color and Fade, which will let you customize your images even further. They’re both contrasting to each other as Color lets you bring more life to the photos with the ability to add newer tints to your image as perfectly illustrated in the image above.

Fade on the other hand will give the image a more beat down look, thus keeping it simple and not as flashy. Of course, both features have their own benefits depending on the situation and the users can add these filters as they find convenient.

The update should be rolling out to devices by now, although if it isn’t, you can make sure you check the Play Store app on your smartphone to pull an update manually. Oddly, this feature is making its way to Android first with iOS users expected to get it over the coming days.

Do you like these new additions to the app? Sound off below.

Source: Instagram Blog

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