HTC’s Sense TV Is Shutting Down April 30

HTC Sense TV

On April 30th, HTC’s Sense TV will be shutting down. If you try to open the app after that date, you will receive a message that states “no data retrieved.” HTC is directing users to use an alternative called Peel Smart Remote, which has many of the same functions Sense TV does. HTC gave the following reason as to why they are shutting down Sense TV:

“Before we get into the details of this change, let’s talk about why we’ve decided to shut down Sense TV. First, we want to make sure our engineering team is focused on what’s most impactful for you, which means working on software and features like the Camera app, BlinkFeed, and Zoe. Second, Sense TV was powered by the Peel Smart Remote app.”

However, Peel Smart Remote does not have the ability to live stream sports games, so look for alternatives for that. The new service does have the ability to share programs with friends, so it’s at least more social.

If you are a Sense TV users, go ahead and download Peel Smart Remote from the Google Play Store now to begin using it.

Source: HTC via Android Central