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HTC posts $11 million profits for Q1 2015

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With T-Mobile posting quarterly results yesterday, it is now HTC’s turn to follow suit. And it’s all good news for stock holders of the company, especially considering the tough couple of years it has had. In the period ended March 2015, HTC managed to post revenues of $1.3 billion and profits of NT$0.36 billion or $11.3 million, which is a significant achievement for the company.

The Taiwanese smartphone maker raked up NT$0.5 billion in the previous quarter, so this quarter has been a step back compared to those figures. However, the company hasn’t quite lost the plot yet as people still seem to be in favor of HTC smartphones. The company failed to provide official sales data, so we can’t pinpoint the exact reason for the company’s partially good fortunes.

With the One M9 launching recently and the addition of the M9+, E9+, HTC will hope to improve upon these figures. The One M9 has received some flak from the customers for being more of the same, so it’s not going to be easy for the company.

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