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Google Play Store now gets the Samsung S Health app

S Health

Samsung has now brought the S Health application to the Google Play Store, thus making it easier to update the application with new features. The S Health application lets you track your health metrics from the heart rate monitor that is available on most new Samsung devices.

The suite of Samsung apps are available by default on Samsung smartphones and tablets, but users will now be able to find the application on the Play Store as well. The app can also be found on Samsung’s dedicated app hub, which is supplied by default on Samsung phones. Using S Health, customers can also check oxygen saturation levels in the environment, which is a pretty neat feature to have.

Unfortunately, this app is an exclusive to Samsung devices so you won’t be able to download it if you own an LG, HTC or practically any non-Samsung phone. The addition of this app on the Play Store will only make it easier for Samsung to update it in the future and will serve no real purpose for the users of the app. This is something that manufacturers like HTC have done in the past as well, so it’s nothing new.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phone Arena

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