Facebook slowly starting to integrate WhatsApp with its mobile app

WhatsApp - Facebook

People have been wondering what Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp would lead to. Up until now, we’ve seen the two social networks function independently, but that seems to be changing if leaked screenshots of the Facebook mobile app are anything to go by. Although the feature hasn’t made its way to the recent beta yet, it is likely that it will be spotted soon.

The integration is very simple and Facebook posts will now show a new “Send” button with a WhatsApp logo on it. This, we’re assuming, will allow users to send the Facebook posts to their WhatsApp contacts on the phone.

The company has promised not to interfere with the functionality of WhatsApp after its acquisition, so the users will hope that they will stick to those promises. WhatsApp has a large userbase, which is one of the prime reasons Facebook acquired it a couple of years ago. It will be interesting to see where this partnership will lead the two companies over the coming years.

We’ve heard reports of how WhatsApp is barely breaking even with its $1 subscription plan for the users, so Facebook will certainly have to take drastic measures to make the service more profitable.

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