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Battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is glued to the curved display

Galaxy S6 Edge iFixit

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge will gradually start making its way to the customers this week. And as is the norm for new devices, the handset has gone through a full teardown courtesy of iFixit, revealing the positives and negatives as far as repairability is concerned.

Unfortunately for the company, the negatives outweigh the positives by a long margin. It is revealed that the battery of the smartphone is glued to the curved display panel, making it tougher to repair or even dismantle if necessary.

This means that you probably shouldn’t risk opening the Galaxy S6 Edge on your own, regardless of your expertise with smartphones. Given the technology being used here, it is likely to set you back by a lot to get the display replaced should the need arise.

All of these issues combined fetched the Galaxy S6 Edge a score of just 3 on 10, which is considered very poor by modern standards. In order to keep the thickness to a minimum, Samsung has glued together most components, which is also the case with the Galaxy S6.

Source: iFixit

Via: Android Central

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