Asus to adopt Qualcomm processors for upcoming phones


Asus smartphones were never too popular in the day when the company was trying to sell costly high-end devices in the form of the PadFones, but it has seen a lot of success with its Zenfone lineup, especially in emerging markets. The original Zenfone came in three sizes and was a surprise hit, and the Zenfone 2 is looking like a device that will top its successor when it comes to sales, thanks to impressive hardware at considerably low prices

It might have been indirect, but Intel has also benefited from the popularity of the Zenfones. Intel hasn’t had an easy time courting OEMs into using its chips for their smartphones, but Asus was very certainly one customer it was able to impress, as all the phones in the Zenfone series till now have been powered by one of Intel’s Atom processors. However, it seems that might not be the case forever, as ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has revealed in an interview that the Taiwanese manufacturer will be opting for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615 chipset in the future, at least for mid-range devices.

The move isn’t surprising, as the Snapdragon 615 has proven to be quite an efficient chipset. From Shen’s wording in the interview, it seems Intel processors will still be employed but only on flagship devices. That suggests the Zenfone 3 will have an Intel Atom under the hood, and also hints at the arrival of more modest Zenfones since the Zenfone 2 is clearly a high-end device no matter which variant consumers might be picking up.

Via: PhoneArena