Android TV based Razer Forge TV bundle up for pre-order at $150

Razer Forge TV

Razer announced its intentions to launch an Android TV console back last year. The Forge TV, as this is known, is yet to hit the markets though. But that’s likely to change if an Amazon listing is any indication. The renowned gaming accessories maker is reportedly taking pre-orders of the Forge TV console along with the company’s Serval wireless controller for just $149.99.

This when compared to Google’s Nexus Player + ASUS Wireless controller combo is a premium of just $10, but it’s well worth it given the quality of Razer’s gamepad and the hardware on board the Forge TV. The Amazon pre-order listing mentions that the device will ship out to the customers starting the 1st of May, so users won’t have to wait much longer.

The Forge TV will go up against the Nexus Player as well as the recently announced NVIDIA Shield console which boasts of a far superior hardware and a free local game streaming service, all for just $200. NVIDIA’s offering is also expected to hit the markets sometime next month, although the release date isn’t set in stone.

Interested in snatching up the Forge TV bundle? Head over to the link below.

Source: Amazon

Via: Talk Android