WhatsApp is the latest app to cross the 1 billion download barrier


Following the likes of Facebook and a myriad of Google apps, WhatsApp has now surpassed the 1 billion download mark on the Google Play Store. The app is one of the most widely used IM clients in the world, with most of its users based in Asia and Europe. The Play Store listing merely mentions 1 billion downloads and not a billion unique users, which means multiple installs by the same user are counted as well.

Although WhatsApp is used by a large number of customers, the app has barely been making any profits. This has been a concern for Facebook, which acquired WhatsApp a couple of years ago. The company had a subscription service available which meant the users had to pay $0.99, but that hasn’t worked out quite well for the company.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook has planned for WhatsApp and if there’s a way to monetize the service. Being the world’s most popular third party IM app, the company would not want to miss out on the opportunity.

Via: Android Police

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