WhatsApp could soon allow backing up of chat history and other data to Google Drive


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chat clients in the world with millions of messages exchanged every day. And for this reason, there are millions of users who cannot afford to lose their precious conversation data. It now seems like Google Drive could come to WhatsApp’s rescue by allowing the backup of messages and other data on the cloud.

This should make it easier for customers who switch phones and want to get access to all their chat history and data from the old device. In its current form, WhatsApp chat files have to be manually backed up to a computer and then copied onto the new device to restore them. So the addition of Google Drive will certainly make the lives easier for the customers.

It is said that users can also backup images along with chat history but not video files as they can be pretty large in size. Users will also get to pick the backup times and the preference of networks (WiFi only or cellular networks). The revelation was made by the WhatsApp Translation Group who also revealed that users can also delete older backups if they don’t find it necessary.

Since this is still a leak, there’s no ETA available for this feature, but we expect it to be available relatively soon as it has been spotted internally.

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Via: Android Police

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