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The Sense HTC One M7 Will Not Be Getting Android 5.1

HTC One M7 Silver On Box

We all knew this day would eventually come, but it’s still pretty sad. In a series of tweets today, HTC’s Mo Versi announced that the original Sense variant of the HTC One M7 will not be upgraded to Android 5.1.

There are probably a few reasons why HTC is not updating their former Sense flagship to Android 5.1. The first is that the HTC One M9 is about to launch, and many M7 owners are about to come out of their contracts and upgrade to the M9. The reason that the GPE version is getting Android 5.1 while the Sense is not is probably because not as much work needs to be done, as GPE devices run a stock version of Android.

So now, the Sense variant of the HTC One M7 will be forever stuck on Android 5.0, at least officially from HTC. No doubt we will continue to see custom ROMs for this device for a long time, but no longer from HTC. How does this news affect any of you with this device?

Source: Mo Versi (1), Mo Versi (2)

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