The Galaxy S6 (and possibly Galaxy S6 edge) could have a brown variant in the UK

The Galaxy S6 (and possibly Galaxy S6 edge) could have a brown variant in the UK

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have the most premium design ever seen on Samsung smartphones, but the Korean manufacturer wasn’t content with using only the right materials, but also put a lot of focus on choosing the right colors to show off the metal and glass bodies of its newest flagships. Samsung initially announced the two devices with four color options, but it seems at least the Galaxy S6 could be offered in a fifth paint job in the UK. 

Over on Samsung’s UK website, the Galaxy S6 is shown with a brown color option, in addition to the Gold Platinum, White Pearl, Black Sapphire, and Blue Topaz varieties that were officially announced. However, clicking on one of the known color options takes you to a page where the brown option isn’t visible, making this either a case of Samsung making a mistake on the official landing page for the device or of the company being in the process of upgrading its website to show the secretive color option.

If the brown Galaxy S6 does exist, it’s possible this variant will not be offered in all markets, as Samsung has a history of launching its flagships in exclusive colors for various carriers and countries. It’s possible the Galaxy S6 edge will also be given a different paint job in some markets, and we will likely get more information once the two devices make their global debut on April 10.

Via: SamMobile | Source: Samsung UK

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