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Samsung Galaxy S5 reportedly catches fire

Galaxy S5 Fire

A user on Reddit has complained that his Samsung Galaxy S5 has spontaneously caught fire without any external influence. The user Jjhend claims that he left his phone on the desk when he left home to run some errands. But when he came back, he apparently felt like there was an electrical fire at home.

Galaxy S5 Fire -1

He makes it clear that the device was not being charged or using a third party battery, nor was it exposed to sunlight, so there were no external factors involved. The user says that as soon as he got home and saw the phone on fire, he poured water all over it, which is never a good idea when a lithium battery is involved. But this might have just been an impulsive decision from the user reacting to the fire.

Galaxy S5 Fire -2

He further claims that there’s no warranty on the phone, so he’s out of luck when it comes to contacting Samsung for help. It’s too early to rule out foul play as we don’t know the entire story. We expect Samsung to come out with a word or two on this issue over the coming days.

Source: Reddit

Via: Phone Arena

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