Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 40]

Lollipop-related issues anyone? As expected, we are receiving more reports from our readers that Lollipop is not yet as stable as it should be. This is not entirely bad as Google needs more feedback to improve the new operating system at this time.


If you have concerns regarding your Samsung Galaxy S5, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We will appreciate it very much if you can provide as many details as possible. If you are getting error messages on the screen, or have observed unusual phone behaviors,  kindly include them in your email. The more information you can provide, the easier for us to assist you. 

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Samsung Galaxy S5 suffers from performance issues after Lollipop update

Problem: Thanks for all your help. I read your articles a lot. I haven’t seen this one yet so I have to ask.

Both my girlfriend and I have the Galaxy S5 thru Verizon and have loved them…until we were “lollipopped”! Mine was first, and my speed slowed down tremendously.  I use Advance Task Killer, and before the update, clearing would give me close to 1K memory. After I’m lucky if I get 450MB. While I was having these issues, my girlfriend’s was still flying along at blazing speeds…then her update came and she gets the same problems I have.

The phone is so slow at times, it makes me want to throw it away and start over:(  Do you have any suggestions to help?

Thank you!!– John

Troubleshooting: Hi John. Developers of Lollipop should have taken into consideration a possible performance issue on devices after updating from KitKat. In fact, there are millions of Lollipop users now without any performance issues. Unfortunately, not all users have the same experience, you being one of them. Because your problem is clearly operating system related, there are only two things that you can do to fix this issue.

The first one is if by deleting your phone’s cache partition to de-clutter the phone’s system directory and makes opening of apps faster. This is often done a after a system update to ensure that the operating system works in its optimal state. If you don’t know the steps how to wipe cache partition, here’s how:

  • Turn off the phone by holding the Power button.
  • Wait for the device to fully shut down (for probably 45 seconds).
  • Press and hold the following buttons: Power, Volume up, and Home
  • Once the phone vibrates, release the Power button but keep holding the rest until the menu with options appears.
  • Go to Wipe cache partition using the Volume down button and select it using the Power button.
  • Confirm to Reboot the system.
  • Wait for the phone to fully reboot.

The second option that you can do is by resetting the phone back to its factory defaults. This process is time-consuming and necessitates backing up of your files but it almost always guarantees a high resolution rate for any performance issues after a system update.

We hope that these solutions will work in your favor but feel free to contact us again should the problem remains.


Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t connect to Wi-Fi after upgrading to Lollipop

Problem: Droid Guy, I woke up this morning and turned on my Galaxy S5 running Lollipop and was unable to turn on the Wi-Fi. I went to the System screen and tried to move the slide bar to On and it kept flipping back to Off. Do I have a hardware problem or another Lollipop issue? Since installing Lollipop via Verizon, I have had nothing but problems. System using battery twice as fast, going slower and many other glitches. I can’t believe Google or Verizon would release such an unstable product. If I were home, currently vacationing in Florida, I would have Verizon switch me back to my Windows phone, which was a lot more stable but no longer supported by Verizon. And I have tried rebooting my S5 several times to no avail.

Whatever suggestions you have for me I would greatly appreciate. — Don

Troubleshooting: Hi Don. We tried some digging on this issue and discovered that some users are reporting the same problem regardless of their service provider so it must only be the operating system as the cause. We recommend that you follow the two solutions we suggested above for John. Either of the two–wipe cache partition or factory reset–should resolve the issue.

Continue to inform us though if these solutions won’t work so we can update this post for other readers and you.


Samsung Galaxy S5 problems with Lollipop

Problem: Hello. I have a Galaxy S5 with Lollipop installed. Recently apps will not open and when I go to the  App drawer using the apps icon on the home page, all the apps pages are blank. To get the apps to show up I need to add a folder to the blank app drawer page, using the menu. The menu is the only thing that will show on the page. As soon as I do that most or all the apps  will reappear, but sometimes not all of them? And sometimes they are sitting on top of each other and not accessible.

Another problem is when I touch the widget icon the screen goes blank, it just shows the wallpaper…..i have to  open /close the app drawer.  Blah, Blah, Blah same story.

The device is intermittently very slow opening the homepage , and has gotten as hot as 160 -170 degrees. The thing that’s odd to me is that it is random and intermittent. I’ve searched and removed apps, stopped, started, restarted and sometimes the temperature immediately rises. But there is no consistency to the temperature rise other than it always goes to 135+ when connected to the Internet and definitely gets hot. The device just froze as I am typing this mail and the temperature is 105 degrees with only 2 apps running. All this since installing Lollipop. If you have any knowledgeable insight it would be appreciated.

I have had the device for 8 months and no problems until now. I think between  Touch Wiz, Verizon, Amazon and all the other bloatware stepping all over the phone, and a poor OS upgrade it can’t keep up. It also came with just 1.66GB installed not 2GB as advertised so this phone has lost almost 20% right out of the box.

All I run are a few widgets, no games, and battery life is terrible.

Android really is not better than Apple. If the phone can’t be personalized, go Apple. At least they don’t make those false claims. It’s simple, plain, but does not fail. I have multiple devices and this is the worst Android I have owned.

Oh, and sometimes videos are shadowed, opening on top of a completely different page. Close it out, restart the video and that 90% of the time  works.  Any ideas or should I scrap it and blog how bad Samsung is?

Samsung makes a ton of advertising money installing all the garbage on the phones and the consumer should be aware of what they are really paying for.

Just to let you know, the most reliable tablet I have other than my Apple 6th Gen 64GB iPad is… an Asus 173ME. It’s loaded with apps and widgets and it never fails and is extremely fast. And it’s HD. It’s so dependable and all for $135.00. It’s hard to believe huh?

Go figure. Thumbs down on Samsung.

I originally purchased an M8 because of the front facing speakers, build quality and the built in FM receiver but when I got it home I found out Verizon (disables the radio), imagine that. So…the ploy is you have to spend money on data to listen to any radio station. So I took it back and got my lousy S5 because I wanted to stay with Verizon and it has been nothing but problems since the Lollipop update. But that too is going to change, no more Samsung or Verizon .

These Web sites should get that info out to their readers. And guess what, AT&T does not disable the radio on the M8, or at least they didn’t at that time.

I realize the only reason these sites write good product reviews is if they wrote honest ones, the writers would be out of a job. Thanks again. Any ideas?? Let me know. — John

Troubleshooting: Hi John. Thank you for such an exhaustive description of your issues. The thing with Lollipop right now is that it remains a work in progress for Google. This despite the fact that it has been released for several weeks now. We understand you are generally not satisfied with it at the moment but what we can do right now is to hope for the best. In an ideal world, upgrading to Lollipop should have given us a better Android experience compared to KitKat. The problem with a major operating system upgrade like the switch from KitKat to Lollipop is that developers can only anticipate possible problems so much. The main reason why Android update is usually problematic during the first few weeks after release is the fact that there simply are thousands of possible potential sources of errors. Remember, any Android upgrade like Lollipop is designed to work with a myriad of different hardware made by several manufacturers, who each have their own configurations to impose on the operating system itself. Also, network carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and many others from different countries would each tweak the operating system just a little bit to make the device recognizable as being serviced by them. This adds to the already tricky situation. Now, if we consider the many different apps that each user installs on their phones, with every individual app having its own say in the already complicated operating system, we can safely say that any major Android upgrade is a mess. Think of Lollipop right now as a messy web of problems, with the source coming from all angles, and you can easily see the challenges Google developers are facing at the moment.

What we know though is that Google is working hard with its partners (Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc) to make Lollipop as stable as possible. Right now, the best thing that users can do to minimize bugs plaguing this operating system is to do a factory reset. For us, this is the most effective solution for issues that surfaced after upgrading to Lollipop.

We will keep you posted in our upcoming articles on how Lollipop is faring in general, and if there’s a fix to most of the reported issues in the horizon.

We appreciate your patience in giving us a detailed description of your issue. Thank you.


Samsung Galaxy S5 voice command not working

Problem: Hi. I have Samsung S5 phone. Few months ago, I tried to set the phone to answer by saying “answer” without touching the phone just in case my hands are occupied. However, it is working only once in a while, most of the time it did not work. Coincidently, I noticed that when the phone is off for some time and then i put it on,  I find the sound volume is at its lowest level even though when I shut the phone of, the volume is at its highest. I don’t have any app related to doing that. I thought that when the volume is lowered by itself when the phone is of, may be the microphone level is also lowered and may be that is why the phone is not responding to “answer” command.

When the phone is on and the volume is up, the voice commands and Google voice are working normally. My questions are: why the phone is not responding to the “answer” command? And why the sound volume drops by itself when the phone is of?  Thank you.  — W. Mando

Troubleshooting: Hi W. Mando. We cannot see any reason why your phone only picks up your voice command “answer” randomly or intermittently at this time. We know that your S5’s microphone volume automatically adjusts itself to pick up a human voice while at the same time filtering off background noise. The best course of action that you can do is to isolate if you have an existing microphone hardware problem by using other apps that can record your voice. This way you can check if the microphone volume gain is working normally of not. The built-in microphone is equipped with an automatic level control and if it appears to be working normally, you can try to isolate the issue further by looking into the software side.

The next thing that you can do is to perform a soft reset by turning off the phone and removing the battery for 30 seconds. Restart the device and see if the problem remains.

If soft reset won’t resolve the problem, try to do a factory reset.

We will continue to monitor this problem so we will know if this is one of the overlooked issues of Lollipop upgrade. If you have time, please send us an email again so we’ll know if this problem has fixed or not.


Battery issue on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Found your articles while researching battery saving tips for my new S5. I just got it a week ago, and just updated to Lollipop. I’ve followed every battery saving tip I could stand that I’ve found out there. Screen brightness turned down, black wallpapers, every app modified, widgets not updating, but even while I’m typing this I lose 1% a minute. I downloaded Battery Doctor and it optimizes but then a few min later the same things show up telling me to fix them again. I don’t know what to do and don’t understand some of the things. Not sure how to stop things running in the background. I have Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn,  Instagram, The Score and some other stuff but each app is set to never refresh and no notifications. I would love your help!  On Wi-Fi with perfect connection. Please and thank you. — Pam

Troubleshooting: Hi Pam. If you have tried all the suggestions in our tutorial page, then the last thing that you can do right now is to reset the phone to factory default and update all your installed apps. 


Samsung Galaxy S5 screen is defective, shows orange letters

Problem: Just the other day my screen went dark. It resets and the Samsung letters were an orange color. It rebooted and the screen was black. I could touch the screen and it would respond with the two icons at the bottom, Menu and “back” lights, like normal.

The only thing that makes the screen viewable is applying pressure to the screen. That is the only way I can describe it. I would bend the corner of the phone slightly and the screen would blink on. Now I just apply pressure to the center of the screen to get a viewable screen back. — Norman

Troubleshooting: Hi Norman. Looks like you have a display issue in your hand right now. A normal S5 screen does not normally need pressure in the middle to work so the problem is clearly hardware in nature. You must have a technician physically check the status of that screen before it’s too late. Alternatively, try to contact Samsung and see if you can secure a replacement phone. If this will be granted, do not forget to back up all your personal data in another device.


How to view notifications in Lock screen after updating a Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: My daughter and I have the Galaxy S5 thru Verizon. We got them at the same time and updated them to lollipop but she was still able to view her notifications on her lock screen while I couldn’t. She felt that it was because I had said no to a question when I got the update and she was right!!  Now instead of having to unlock my screen to view the notifications I can view them on the lock screen. She fixed it by changing the way I unlock the screen by going to setting, then to Lock Screen, then to screen lock, then she changed my lock screen mode (for example if you have pattern change it to pin.) After you select the mode, a screen will pop up asking what notifications you want to view on your lock screen. After you select the type of notifications you want to appear, you can go back to screen lock to change the unlock mode back to the way you originally had it, if you want. — Maricela

Troubleshooting: Hi Marcela. We thank you for sharing your knowledge regarding the new notification settings on Lollipop. We are sure that other readers will definitely find this useful.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Home button stops working after updating to Lollipop

Problem: I was unable to find an entry that is related to my issue. I’m in Canada, on Telus network. Model is SM-G900W8. After the update finished, I noticed that my Home button stopped working properly. The button will not take me back to the Home screen anymore. It still wakes the phone up and will take a finger swipe, but with a single push while in another app it is completely unresponsive. Double push doesn’t do anything either. Nothing would work except a factory data reset. After about 20 minutes the button stops responding again. I was able to fix it again with a reset but it stopped responding again shortly after. I’ve downloaded a soft home button app and it is far from ideal.

I have tried wiping the cache, recovery mode, safe mode, hard resets, removing battery and holding buttons. I even went into a service center and had it flashed, without luck. Did a factory reset after all of that and it fixed it. But of course, it stops responding again. It stops even if I leave the phone alone after a reset and not install anything at all, including sign into Google. I also tried using Samsung Kies to do a complete firmware upgrade again just in case my original download from the network was corrupted.

There is no way it can be a hardware issue, that would be an amazing coincidence wouldn’t it? I’m thinking it’s a process that is started at some point but I just can’t figure it out. I don’t understand why a factory data reset is the only thing to fix it.

I like to think I’m a decently techy guy so if you have any advice at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. — Corey

Troubleshooting: Hi Corey. A call to Samsung technical support yielded an unlikely fix: turning off Active sync account when using the built-in email app! The most ironic thing of all though is that the Samsung representative who answered our call told us that they have no explanation for the problem and that the resolution can be found online by browsing forums! If Samsung cannot explain the phenomenon, so are we but we are glad that this issue can be remedied at this time.

If you are using any third party email, try to use their email’s app instead of the stock email app to prevent this problem.

Rest assured that this issue has been raised to Samsung, who we hope, will let Google know about it as well.


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    Have been hopping carriers. Left Verizon for Sprint which forced me out of my S5 in to an iPhone 6S. HORRIBLE! Did not like the phone or the carrier! Now w/ TMobile and back in an S5. I have not had it for long and am really enjoying but am confounded by one big issue. This flipping thing asks me, throughout the day, to give password so that my images can be shared on Picsa. I have no desire to do this and would like to get what I see as the equivalent of a telemarketer annoying me all day!
    I have tried the usual suspects: discussion threads, going through my apps to ‘force stop’ on whatever is causing this but can not seem to make this go away!
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