Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 38]

We continue to receive questions and emails asking for assistance from our S5 users. This article should answer some of them.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 getting “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” error

Problem: I’m in the UK on EE network. Last night (25th February) I updated my Samsung S5 with the Lollipop software.

The update seemed to go fine until it went to restart and it was stuck on the startup screen with “Samsung”. Because it was stuck on this for so long I wondered if it had frozen so I took the battery out and restarted it. It continued to “optimize” the apps on my phone and then loaded up.

On start up, I got an error message straight away saying “unfortunately, system UI has stopped”.

I have no notification bar at all at the top of my screen so when my phone vibrates I don’t know if it is an email, WhatsApp, text message etc. The Home button doesn’t work when it always has done before (it is not a physical problem with the button) and the bottom left tap button to show recent apps doesn’t work either.

There’s no way at all I can carry on with this as it’s not doing the purpose that it was doing before the update.

Upset and irritated. Thank you in advance for your help. — Sarah 

Troubleshooting: Hi Sarah. Sometimes, a first reboot after a major operating overhaul, like what happened when you upgraded KitKat to Lollipop, can take several minutes to hours for unknown reasons. We believe that the phone was still updating its file system when you decided to turn it off by removing the battery. Doing so sometimes result to a variety to issues ranging from a few harmless reboot to erratic operating problems. Based on your problem description, it appears that one of the apps has caused the “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” error to pop up. This is a generic error that means any of your installed apps may be having some trouble initializing. Please go over the possible solutions below and see if any of them can make this error go away.

Clear app cache and data. If you can manage, we recommend that you clear every app’s cache and data to ensure that every one of them works properly. If you have no idea how to do this solution, here are steps:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Open the Apps list.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Touch Application manager.
  • Look for the app in question or the one you suspected to have caused the problem.
  • Tap Clear data.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap Clear cache.

Keep in mind that this step works best to your advantage if you have an idea what app may be causing the error. This can spring from your previous experience with ones you currently have. If you are new to Android environment, or have no idea which app may be causing the problem simply proceed to the next solution.

Perform Safe Mode. Again, we are assuming that an app may be the cause of the “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” error so the next logical step is to do Safe Mode. While in this mode, your phone is forced to run stable, first party apps, thus helping us confirm if our hunch that a particular app is causing the problem is correct. If you continue to get the error despite having ran Safe Mode, that means that either the root cause may be first party apps or the operating system in general.

Restore device to its factory settings. No other solution matches what factory reset can do. As the name implies, this solution pushes the phone to run the original version of the operating system minus. It deletes any third party apps and run a fresh set of system files.  If you have not tried doing this before on an Android device, please follow our tutorial in this link.


You mentioned that you are no longer getting notifications on the top part of the screen. This is because this is how Lollipop is supposed to work. Google has junked the old notification system and right now Lollipop is more like how iPhone users get notifications on their phones–by turning on the main screen to look at whatever messages and notifications are there.


Samsung Galaxy S5 stopped detecting a microSD card

Problem: So my microSD in my Samsung S5 has randomly stopped working.  The SD is actually from my S3 that I upgraded from a couple months ago.  Everything was working fine until a couple days ago. I noticed my folder of photos that were stored on the card is no longer in my Gallery.  I removed the microSD and placed it in my reader to place it in my computer and it cannot not be recognized.  I double checked my reader with another microSD to be sure it wasn’t a reader error; worked fine. So again I try; nothing pops up, no “ding-ding” to notifiy me anything is mounted. And still nothing recognized in the phone.

All I want to do is recover the 8g of photos I have stored on there!  I need help!!

I never did a reformatting that other forums suggest since that will wipe the card.  Hopefully my data is not all lost.

Hope to hear back, thank you!! — Lauren

Troubleshooting: Hi Lauren. You have done what a user can do in this situation. We’re afraid you just lost the contents of that SD card. That it does not work even when inserted in other devices is a clear indicator that it has completely failed. Unfortunately, we have no other way to recover your files.

Your best bet here is to move forward and to prevent this problem from happening in the future. We have some tips in this article on how to take care of SD cards. Feel free to read it to keep your files safe.


Samsung Galaxy S5 email app issue after Lollipop update, Samsung Galaxy S5 cannot send email after Lollipop Update

Problem: Hi. I am hoping you can help me with an issue on my S5. I recently updated to Lollipop 5.0 and since then i am having trouble receiving emails through Wi-Fi. I am using the email app for multiple email accounts and I have one set to a push sync setting and the others to every 15 minutes. When using Wi-Fi emails do not sync, i get no notifications and i cannot send emails. When i switch to mobile network the emails automatically come through and i can send emails fine. I have tried this on home and work Wi-Fi and still have the same problem. I am not sure if this is effecting any other apps i.e. WhatsApp as have only noticed this on email.

Can you help, or is it just a case of waiting for Android to issue a fix? Thanks. — Bryony

Troubleshooting: Hi Bryony. We have not heard of this issue among thousands of our readers as well as from our partner Android forum sites so it must be a unique issue for your app or phone. If you are using the standard email app for the S5, we recommend that you clear its cache and delete the existing cache partition.

We have outlined the steps how to clear an app’s cache above while you can follow this link if you haven’t done a cache partition wipe before.

Remember, deleting the app’s cache will bring the app back to its factory default state, meaning you need to reconfigure all your email accounts again afterwards because they have been erased.


Giving more battery life to Samsung Galaxy S5 after Lollipop update

Problem: Hi. As per subject, my phone battery shrinks once I switch on my data. I cleaned all the caches and no apps are running (I stopped all the apps by long clicking the center button) but still my battery charge is doing down drastically. I want to know if there is any app to check which background process is causing the issue. When I click the Battery sections from settings, It just shows Android System 32%, Facebook 12%, etc.

Now I have no clue which Android System is causing the lag in battery. Kindly help. Thanks. — Madhu

Troubleshooting: Hi Madhu. As you may have heard, updating your operating system to Lollipop is supposed to be gentler on the battery because of one significant change being implemented–the preference from Dalvik runtime to ART. Lollipop developers recognize the glaring battery weakness of smartphones as being in much need to be improved upon so they have decided to switch from ART instead of the traditional Dalvik. Such a move is supposed to shorten your phone’s time in opening apps as well as hasten the entire process, resulting to longer battery life. We are aware that there are many people complaining about this same problem as you have but in general, considering the millions of devices made by other companies aside from Samsung, Lollipop update has worked as intended so far. Because your device loses battery power faster than usual, it’s possible that the problem lies on other factors like incompatible/outdated apps, or some phone settings.

We have a great article published before Lollipop was released providing the fundamentals in lengthening your battery life. We recommend that you peruse over it and see what works best for you.

We won’t recommend any other app to check your battery power allocation because it should be redundant. The standard battery usage app under Settings is more than enough to tell you on how your phone consumes battery power.


Low battery life and overheating on Samsung Galaxy S5 after Lollipop update

Problem: I’m experiencing severe battery drain after the Lollipop update to my Verizon Galaxy S5. My son did his Sprint S5 about a week before I did and said that for about five days his phone drained quickly because Lollipop was re-indexing his files but he said that it calmed down after that and he’s back to getting a day out of his phone before having to recharge.

I would like to say I am having the same experience, but I am not.  It’s been a week and a half and I get around 3 to 4 hours of battery life before my phone dies.  I haven’t done anything other than upgrade the applications due to the Lollipop upgrade.

According to the Battery control panel, Android System is my largest user of power (around 20%) and it contains all sorts of stuff that I thought I had disabled such as Samsung Swipe, Smart Network, Samsung text-to-speech, Samsung keyboard, etc.  I’ve enabled Power Saver, but that didn’t seem to do much of anything to stem the battery abuse.  I also shut off Smart Switch, just to see if that makes a difference, but I haven’t seen any improvement.

Then there are the periodic thermal warnings I get with the phone almost too hot to touch.  I have to power down to clear them as the supposed automatic fix doesn’t seem to have much of an affect.  I have to leave the phone off for about 30 minutes before it’s cool enough to turn back on.

I’m at a loss as to what more I can do short of rooting the damn thing and killing off all of the BS that is running under Android System.  I’m definitely avoiding upgrading my wife’s S5 until I get this fixed. Thanks. — Jeff


Troubleshooting: Hi Jeff. Looks like you have a similar problem with Madhu (problem above this) although you have an additional overheating issue as well. Have you tried performing a factory reset? This looks like the only remaining possible solution that you have at this point. Many users and readers have reported that their operating system have worked fine after performing a factory reset. Our call to Samsung technical support about things that we can do to improve battery life on an S5 with Lollipop also ended with factory reset. Overheating problem on Lollipop can usually be avoided by turning off sync options as well as disabling apps of questionable repute. We have no idea what apps are installed on your phone but it’s best if you can try to isolate the cause of the thermal error that you are getting by removing unessential apps one by one.


Samsung Galaxy S5 turns off on its own when put inside a pocket

Problem: Dear Sir. Hope you are doing well. I am using Samsung Galaxy S5 from the last six months. From the last few days i am having a problem that whenever I put my mobile in my pocket of jeans ( as it is fit/tight ) my mobile turn off automatically and if have this phone out of pocket it has no issues. Kindly tell me what to do as it has become a big headache for me because I can’t keep that mobile in my pocket all the time and I have to keep that mobile in my pocket. Waiting for your reply. Thanks and regards. — Saadat

Troubleshooting: Hi Saadat. Is there any particular position the phone is in when inside your pocket? As far as we know, a smartphone like your S5 can be placed inside a pocket without any problems. What we are aware of are times when any smartphones (not just an S5) taking pictures or randomly sending SMS to different people while all the while resting in a user’s pocket. Yours is a completely different class of its own.

We know that there are apps that can automatically turn a smartphone’s screen on and off when the device met some conditions. If you have an app similar to Gravity Screen, you may have found the key to resolving the issue. Try to review all your apps and check how they do things. You may have one that does a similar thing to Gravity Screen.

You also want to try to put your phone in a different manner and position when inside your pocket and observe what happens. We believe that the power button on the phone may be hit one way or another, causing the phone to shut off on its own.

It’s clearly an interesting case though and we will try to check on it again.


Multiple issues plaguing Samsung Galaxy S5 after Lollipop update

Problem: Ok. I have attempted to read through all of the post on this subject but I am getting lost in all of it. 

I updated my S5 to the new Android 5.0 recently, since then my phone lags horribly.  Facebook freezes and crashes, SMS Messages keep showing send failures but on some occasion the recipient did receive the message and the S5 repeats received messages multiple times. I keep an Android app killer to lessen the strains on the CPU but I still have freezing and lagging issues.  The battery drains much quicker than before the update and for the first time I got an overheating notification. 

I wish I’d never updated at this point, and since I use Apex Launcher, the update didn’t really change much for me. 

Tricks I have tried:

  • Clearing the cache
  • Rebooting (repeatedly)
  • Swapping out my batteries
  • Killing inactive apps from running in the background
  • Updating all available apps

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We spend $300 -$500 for these devices, it would be nice if they worked. Thanks. — Jason

Troubleshooting: Hi Jason. As mentioned above, please try to perform a factory reset as it proves the most effective solution so far for any Lollipop-update related issues.


Question regarding heat threshold of Samsung Galaxy S5 when playing

Problem: Dear sir/Madam. My Galaxy S5 now runs pretty smooth on Lollipop, but i do have some concerns about CPU heat up when I play games on it. I use my S5 for games quite a lot, and when I feel it starts to heat up (more than I think it’s safe) I exit the game. I’ve been playing one game in particular for the past month or so, and my S5 heats up rather quickly. Clean Master says my CPU temperature goes up to 50 or 60 degrees C.

The latter is much more rare than the 50-ish degrees situations. Is there any danger long term in those temperature levels? I have to point out that they are not longterm, in 10 to 20 min spans before I exit the game and let the phone cool off. — Nikša

Troubleshooting: Hi Nikša. Any CPU, even the ones on PCs, are designed to tolerate hot temperature threshold for a certain period of time so your phone getting hot for about 10-20 minutes of continuous play is pretty normal. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you keep doing what you are doing right now. By allowing the phone to cool off after playing a CPU-demanding game is good practice.

Long term exposure to heat can damage any electronic component so make sure to keep track of your time when you use your phone for extensive gaming. Samsung made, if not designed, the S5 as an alternate gaming platform though so the device should be okay. If you are not aware, Samsung even made a controller exclusively for the S5 to make your gaming experience more fun!


Telstra Samsung Galaxy S5 unable to send text messages

Problem: Dear Sir. May I request from you to please send me complete details on how to troubleshoot my phone as it no longer send text messages since about days ago. I have a Galaxy S5, SM G9001, Android version 4.4.2, baseband version G9001VU1ANG2, Security software version-MDF V1.4 Release 4,VPN V1.4 Release 1. My simcard is trom TELSTRA network in Australia. This will be highly appreciated. — Arcangel Pradel

Troubleshooting: Hi Arcangel Pradel. There are a few things that we need to consider in troubleshooting your issue. First of all, you must ensure that there is no network issue in your area and the only way to know it is by calling Telstra. If your network provider will say that everything’s clear in your area, that’s the time that we try to isolate your issue by checking some things on your phone.

If you are having trouble sending text messages to a particular number only, the most probable cause is not your phone or service but at the receiver’s end. You want to let that receiver know by other means of the on-going problem.

If you are unable to send text messages to any number, try checking if your phone’s message center number is correct. Here are steps to ensure that you device has the correct message center number:

  • Tap Messages app.
  • Tap the menu icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Text messages.
  • Tap Message centre.
  • Enter message center number +61418706700.
  • Hit OK.

You should be able to send text messages again after doing these steps.

Remember, any network-related issue like this one can best be resolved by calling your service provider.


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  1. Another solution for the “Unfortunately, System UI has stopped” message:

    Applications -> Application Manager
    tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner
    Select “Apps that can appear on top”
    tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner again
    Select “Show system apps”
    Scroll down and toggle the switch next to System UI from OFF to ON

    Worked for me in Marshmallow 6.0.1

  2. Iv got Samsung Galaxy Note s5 and will not come on its saying error 10 can u tell me wat it means please

  3. This worked perfectly! I deleted a bunch of videos, pictures, and sound files. Restarted and the error was gone. Phew!

  4. It worked! I deleted some large files too- images and whatnot. Restarted and it works fine now. 🙂

  5. Big files like videos and images. I just made space. I’m not sure if this was the problem but my phone was pretty full so I thought it couldn’t hurt. Good luck!

  6. I ended up deleting some things to create more room and then restarted several times. It fixed it.

  7. Same thing happened with mine around 5pm EST. I went to two local Sprint stores and no one could fix it. 🙁 I’m going back tomorrow when the tech guy is in…

  8. Same thing happened with me Megan! I’m going to call Sprint and see if they have any answers.

  9. Hi, my phone just all of a sudden said unfortunately network system provider has stopped… it wont let me make phone calls, text, or really do much of anything. Can you please help?

  10. This update has been really screwing with my phone…. The most annoying glitch is that EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m listening to music and try to increase the volume I get “Unfortunately, Music has stopped”…. NEVER happened before Lollipop… Extremely frustrating.

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