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  1. Isn’t it a fucking wonder to you people that there are so many issues with this fucking phone… I mean who the fuck would want to buy this shit any more knowing that it comes with so many bugs… I don’t understand the people at Droid how stupid they must be… buying the S5 was the biggest mistake of my life… it has never worked properly… why the fuck would i pay money to buy a piece of shit phone that I have to manually fix every little bug.. oh and what’s the main solution to all the bugs? Factory reset? …… yeah …. fucking morons… never again will I buy a droid phone… its the worst platform ever

  2. Showing “Unfortunately the setting has stopped” when the phone is started after the crash during updating Galaxy S5 by AT&T

  3. I actually found that using Cheetah Mobile’s Battery Doctor app’s Super Optimise mode was the problem. But I agree, there are a lot of Samsung apps that I never use but cannot get rid of without possibly rooting my phone. Thanks for your reply 🙂

  4. I’m having this problem too, I might have solved it.

    I think it’s related to SAMSUNG text to speech. I uninstalled/disabled both Samsung and Google TTS. Now I have reinstalled, updated and enabled the Google TTS, so that the Samsung TTS is no longer in use. After a reboot, the error has not returned. Hopefully it won’t come back.

    I would like the option to remove Samsung and Google text-to-speech. I never use the feature anyway, so it’s nothing but wasteful.

  5. I constantly get a message which says “If you got Text To Speech problem, click here to…” – when I click “here”, I can’t actually do anything about this so-called problem. I don’t actually intend ever to use Text To Speech so how do I get rid of it?

  6. I’m looking for an answer to this myself. Before it had to do with the google search bar being on your home screens, but now it doesnt seem connected to that at all.

  7. I am having different problems with the home button. Nearly everytime I press it it asks if I want “use Touchwiz home as Home” then I have to select “always” then it tells me i can clear defaults whenever i want in settings and i have to selected “okay.” It is getting so, so annoying.

  8. I have lost my voice out nobody can hear me after the update to lollipop on my s5 on on loudspeaker
    my network want 25.00 to take it and fast fix it under warranty I have done a master reset and nothing changed.

  9. I just downloaded the new update March 25 2015 and it is terrible. They moved things around gave it more apps I will never use the home button is terrible . It is such a bad update do not update. Is there anyway to go back to the old set up.

  10. I have performed the procedure to stop my Galaxy S5 from going to the Google search, now I can not send text messages. It lets me type and as soon as I hit send..it blinks and disappears.

  11. I have done the uninstalation and re-installation of the samsung gear manager application but still have the issue that the application itself keeps flashing in and out of the screen.

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