Instagram’s new Layout app lets you make collages

Layout Instagram

Facebook owned Instagram has just released a new app called ‘Layout’ which is nothing but an innovative collage maker for your smartphone. The app is currently available for iOS users through the App Store, but will also be available through the Google Play Store soon.

The app is pretty minimalistic in its approach in that it allows for a very simple creation of collages. Users simply have to select a bunch of images (up to 9) and make a colorful looking collage. It’s literally that simple, which means it could be an instant hit with the masses. This is a standalone app of course, so it’s in no way similar to Instagram as far as functionality is concerned.

Speaking more about the functionality, once you actually pick the images that you need, the app gives you different arrangements of photos. You can customize this on your own as well if you don’t the random order that the app has generated for you. If you want to change one of the images from the collage, you can do so using the replace button. Overall, it’s a very barebones app, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you don’t need much from a collage making application such as this one. Would you be interested in an app like this when it hits the Google Play Store? Let us know.

Source: Instagram Blog

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