HTC Themes lets you customize the themes on the One M9

HTC Themes

HTC has just launched a new Themes website, meant specifically for the One M9 flagship. This lets users of the smartphone create custom themes for the handset. This feature is currently available only on the browser. HTC also plans to bring an app to the Play Store very soon.

Users get the ability to customize the backgrounds of individual apps such as messaging, email and so on. The smartphone has started shipping out today, so it hasn’t reached the customers’ hands as of yet. But thanks to the website, you can create new themes and keep it ready in time for the phone’s arrival.

The themes website also brings the ability to customize fonts and colors as well, so it’s quite useful for those who like to give their personal touch to their handset. Having an app to do this would be more convenient as users can try out the look immediately on the device rather than sideloading it manually through the website.

Source: HTC Themes

Via: Phone Arena

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