HTC One M9 demo unit at the MWC faces overheating warning

HTC One M9 Overheating

The HTC One M9 hasn’t exactly gotten off to a flourishing start as it has received lukewarm response so far. The smartphone has now made its way to the news cycle, but not exactly for good reasons. A demo unit of the One M9 smartphone was shown to be displaying a overheating message while running the AnTuTu benchmarks app.

The warning suggested the user to close the app and try again after a while, so as to avoid a reboot or complete shut down of the device. This is quite embarrassing for HTC as the smartphone hasn’t even reached the markets and issues are beginning to pop up.

This also makes us focus our attention on the Snapdragon 810 chipset which was said to be suffering from overheating issues. It is said that this was one of the primary reasons why Samsung decided to go with its custom Exynos 7420 chip for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Whatever the case, we expect HTC to come up with clarification on this particular error revelation before it goes out of hand for the company. Do you think the manufacturer maybe rushed into things by opting to use the Snapdragon 810 SoC?

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  1. At a low clock cycle speed and smaller fabrication sizing common with any new 64 bit processor, one really has to question why overheating is an issue.
    The Qualcomm 810 tested as the most powerful/ fastest seems to be the only processor with issues.
    Samsung and LG by all accounts are and will be using their own in-house 8 core processors in their latest flagships devices.
    So HTC have stumbled because a metal chassis compounds/ retains heat generated by a very powerful next gen processor, or is there another underlying problem none of us are aware of with the 810.
    In any case Intel should have been brought into the fold, or at least been given the option to have been included. 64 bit processors are their fort`e after all.

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