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HTC could unveil the One E9 smartphone tomorrow

HTC One E9 China

There has been talk about HTC unveiling a variant of the One M9 dubbed the One E9. This handset was even spotted on a Chinese certification database earlier today, providing further proof of its existence. And now, HTC has scheduled an event for tomorrow in China, with the smartphone expected to be on the agenda.

We’re not sure what the One E9 will feature in terms of hardware, but it seems like this will be the rumored 5.5 inch handset that we’ve heard so much about. There has been talk of HTC wanting to unveil a new One M9 Plus variant in the market, but there’s no confirmation of that as of yet.

In any case, it seems like HTC will have something special lined up for tomorrow with multiple devices probably on the cards. Rumors have also indicated that HTC will have a 2K display smartphone on show soon, so don’t rule out the announcement of a flagship level handset. But given that the One M9 was only recently unveiled, this handset might be region restricted as we’ve seen from the company over the years.

Source: IT Home – Translated

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