Google Search now gives you cocktail recipes

Google Search

Google Search can perform a broad range of functions, ranging from naming presidents to doing complex math. The search app also received an update recently which offered a refined experience for people discovering new movies. Today, the app has received a new cocktail recipe feature which will offer you interesting recipes for cocktails when asked.

It’s not as elaborate as the movies search results¬†feature, but it will still do the job when asked. To shoot up a query, all you have to do is ask something like “how to make a bloody mary” and the voice assistant will start dictating the procedure to you. However, the recipe offered is pretty simple and doesn’t go into detail, so you might have look into something more elaborate for precise details on how to make a perfect cocktail.

If you’re not satisfied with what Google has to offer, you can always pick from the myriad of search results that pop up when performing a search.

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Source: @Google – Twitter

Via: Phandroid