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Google posts new Android Wear commercial just before the Apple Watch announcement

Android Wear Update

The tech sphere is buzzing with anticipation for Apple’s event today. And just as the fans were gearing up to hear more about the Apple Watch, Google uploaded its very own Android Wear commercial on the Android YouTube channel, reminding the world that they’re in the game too.

The ad is very short, but the message as always is clear as daylight – “Round or square. Wear what you want with Android Wear. Be together. Not the same.” Given that Apple Watch has the same design for the time being, we can understand why Google is targeting its lack of diversity in this new commercial.

The “be together, not the same” slogan was used by Google prior to the Android 5.0 announcement as well, so it’s certainly not new to us. Whether a commercial like this will have any impact on Apple Watch fans is only for time to decide, but it’s good to know that Google isn’t shying away from a fight.

Source: YouTube

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