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Google Contacts redesigned with new features

Google Contacts

Google has finally decided to give its web version of the Contacts application a redesign, keeping all the new changes with Android in mind. This app has been somewhat hiding beneath Gmail and is not known to all. The Mountain View developers will hope that changes with this new update as we can see a flurry of Material Design elements on board.

Perhaps the most interesting addition is the way contacts are handled now. We all have several duplicate contacts on our list and Google has now made it easier to merge them or get rid of them entirely. The company says that they’ve worked on this feature from scratch to ensure that the users get the very best. If you have two contacts with the same name, Google will highlight them to you, thus making it easier to handle them accordingly.

Google Contacts

Google Contacts will also give users a quick run through of their most recent conversations or meetings, thus ensuring that you can peek through the most recent interaction without manually searching for them. The changes will not show immediately on Gmail, but users can get a glimpse of what’s to come through the preview page set up by Google.

Source: Gmail Blog

Via: Phandroid

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