AT&T HTC One M8 getting the Lollipop update on the 6th of April

HTC One M8 Lollipop

With AT&T beginning the Android 5.0 rollout for the One M7 today, the One M8 users were almost left in the dark about its arrival. HTC has now confirmed that the update will be sent out to the 2014 flagship starting the 6th of April. This is slightly odd as the carrier is actually sending out the update to the older flagship first.

Both updates should bring the same set of features to the devices, including Material Design elements and a couple of other HTC specific features. The update should improve performance of the smartphone to some extent although don’t expect any drastic changes to the device, at least in terms of visuals.

AT&T is the last to send out the Android 5.0 update to the HTC flagships, so it’s natural that the customers will be a little frustrated with the carrier. Unlocked versions of the One M8 have received the Android 5.0 update a few weeks ago.

Source: @moversi – Twitter

Via: Android Authority

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