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Apple targets Android users with a new trade-in program

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Android and iOS have been traditional rivals for a variety of reasons. While Apple for the most part called Android a “stolen” product, Android OEMs have quietly piled on the sales and snatched away market share from Apple. This dynamic changed to a great extent when the company recently unveiled the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus, which were the first large sized phones from the Cupertino company. The demand was such that the company posted record breaking quarterly financial results.

A new report now suggests that the company has started a new trade-in program for Android smartphone owners, which allows customers to bring in their Android handsets in return for Apple Store credit which can in turn be used to purchase an iPhone. This move is understandable given that the Samsung Galaxy S6 was recently announced and the device has received critical acclaim already.

As we all know, there’s a lot riding for Samsung with the Galaxy S6, so a move like this from Apple could be very concerning for the Korean manufacturer. However, it will be interesting to see if Android users will give into the greed and switch platforms with the launch of this promotion.

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Source: 9to5Mac

Via: Sam Mobile

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