Android Device Manager now supported by Android Wear

Android Wear Device Manager

Security is a major concern for smartphone users these days. And to put customers at ease, manufacturers and software developers come up with security apps to ensure that your stolen or lost device is located quickly. Android Device Manager serves this very purpose for those using an Android handset.

And now, Google has just introduced support for this security feature on Android Wear smartwatches as well, meaning that you can now locate your lost phone directly through your wearable.

Here’s what Google had to say about the new addition – “Today we’re making Android Device Manager even more useful by introducing support for Android Wear to help you find your lost device. Misplaced your Android phone? No problem! Android Wear connects your phone to your wrist, and together with Android Device Manager, you can make sure it stays that way.

You can look for the Find My Phone app from the app list on your Android Wear device, which will start ringing your phone. For this to work, your phone has to be within proximity and connected via Bluetooth. So it doesn’t serve the same purpose as the smartphone/tablet app. But it’s still a neat feature to have if you’ve lost your phone in the couch cushion or forgotten where you’ve kept it.

The feature should roll out immediately with an update to the Android Wear app.

Source: Android Blog

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  1. My Zenwatch already has that feature through the proprietary app but it’s nice to see it coming up in AW too. It’s that nice touch of uniformity between the platforms.

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