Android 5.1 lets you adjust system volume while playing media

Android 5.1

Google made Android 5.1 factory images available for a handful of Nexus devices yesterday. And we’re gradually learning about all the minor changes made to the system by the company. First of them is a long overdue feature, which is the ability to adjust system volume while playing media.

Previously, users were only able to adjust media volume while playing music or watching a video. But with Android 5.1, Google has added a new ‘bell’ button on the volume display bar, which lets you control the sounds of the system (ringtone). Users can also access the priority features and other system notification information directly from this bar.

Android 5.1 Volume

It is not known if this feature can be accessed when the media is not playing and you want to check the media volume before playing music. But we’re sure there’s a provision for that. When there’s no media running on the device, pressing the volume buttons will automatically increase or decrease the system volume. So we’re guessing there will be a button there to adjust the media volume as well.

You can download the Android 5.1 factory images from this link here.

Via: Android Police