Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 45]

Good day loyal Readers! Here are some of the issues that other readers have encountered with their Samsung Galaxy S5.


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Delayed text message in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello! I just recently got my Galaxy S5 on January and it’s my first smartphone. When I updated to Lollipop my phone’s battery was zapped and overheating, so I followed your advice and factory reset my phone and it fixed it. However, now I have another problem. In group messages, I constantly receive texts 2-3 minutes late, like clockwork. When I’m not receiving them late, my phone asks me to download each text and it first shows up in one on one messages and appears in the group message once ‘downloaded’. I tried factory resetting my phone again and it still happens. At first I thought it was just from iPhones, as that’s largely what my friends have, but I’ve noticed it with fellow android users too.

Any suggestions? Thanks! — Noelle

Troubleshooting: Hi Noelle. We need more information other than the description of your problem in order to help you. We believe this is a network issue though. Please try to contact your service provider first to let them know about this. If other users have complained about the same problem, your call to them would help in confirming a possible emerging issue on their network.

We will continue to monitor this case so we will be alerted as well if other DroidGuy readers are having the same problem.


Google Voice Search keeps popping up when pressing (not holding) Samsung Galaxy S5 Home button

Problem: Hi. I’m Ronaldo López and I’ve had my Galaxy S5 for a while now. I’ve had ZERO problems up until now. It seems that at least 50% of the time when I press the Home button on my Galaxy S5 it will take me to the Google Voice Search tab (which is supposed to happen when you hold the Home button, not when you just press it). I love the Google Voice Search feature but at this point it’s frustrating me more than it is amusing me. The problem actually started about a month ago and I did 2 factory resets since then (not for that particular reason but for others) and after I did the 2 resets it fixed the problem along with a few other minor problems. Now it’s come back up again and I hate pressing the Home button hoping to be taken to my home screen but instead being taken to Google Voice. So, is there anyway to turn this off?Thanks in advance.(Also I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Still adjusting to my new keyboard and in addition to that, learning English). — Ronaldo 

Troubleshooting:  Hi Ronaldo. This was one of the common issues that surfaced right after Lollipop was released. Many users had reported this problem in several forums (thankfully) and it appeared that the solutions are simple–soft reset and/disabling Google app.

To do a soft reset, simply follow these steps:

  • Turn the phone over for easy access to the back battery cover.
  • Look for the battery compartment release button located on the back of the phone.
  • Lift the battery cover to remove it.
  • Remove the battery for at least 2 minutes.
  • Reinsert the battery, making sure that the copper connectors are aligned properly.
  • Press the battery down to ensure it fits snugly.
  • Put the battery cover in place.
  • Turn the phone back on.

You just completed a soft reset on your phone.

If soft reset won’t fix the problem, try to disable Google app by going to Settings>Application Manager>Google app>Select option to turn it off.


Home button not working properly on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I have a new Galaxy S5 (got it 3 weeks ago), and so far I like it a lot, except for one bug that is driving me crazy. I searched through everything that I could find about bugs with this phone but see no mention of the problem, so I hope you can help me.

Sometimes when I’m using an app and then want to go back to the home screen, I’m not able to go there using the Home navigation button. If I use the Home button I get kicked over to a generic search screen that has a fixed question “How do you screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S5.” I can’t get off this page by pressing the Home button again. The only way I can move off the screen is by using the back button, which takes me back to the app I’d been trying to get away from, and then I just have to keep pressing the back button to get to the Home screen.

This situation is really annoying because I can’t move quickly from app to home screen, but have to go through multiple back button presses. Home button is pretty much useless in this situation.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but happens most of the time with most of my apps.

I’d be grateful for guidance!

Thanks. — NB

Troubleshooting: Hi NB. Looks like we have a minor operating system glitch here. If this issue has become a big annoyance for you, we suggest that you do two things: perform a soft reset and factory reset.

We have provided the steps on how to do a soft reset on an S5 above. If that won’t solve the issue, try to follow this link for instructions how to do a factory reset.


Delayed text message on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I’m having problems with receiving messages on my Galaxy S5 it always takes about 15-20 minutes just to receive a text from another person. I have factory reset my phone like 3 times and I am always turning it off and on but nothings seems to work. — Geovanni

Troubleshooting: Hi Geovanni. This problem can either be caused by your service provider’s network or by a glitch on your device. Your first task here is to isolate what the exact cause is by calling your network technical support team. Before you call them, it might also be worthwhile to perform a soft reset on your phone by simply removing the battery for at least 2 minutes.

When reporting the problem to your network, it’s important to give them as many details as possible to make it easier for them to resolve it. They may ask for the circumstances that may have led to the problem like the apps you have downloaded previously as well as network changes you might have made on the phone.

Because you have tried resetting the phone to its factory defaults multiple times, we doubt if this is even a device problem.


Black screen on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: My boyfriend bought an S5 Active from a Facebook page a few days ago and haven’t had any problems with it. Today, while he was on Facebook the phone froze and the screen start flickering and it went black after removing the battery. After putting the battery back, the screen is fuzzy like a TV that has lost signal  every now and then the emergency call dial pad will appear but it’s so dim you almost have to be in complete darkness to see it. What does he need to do? — Jennifer

Troubleshooting: Hi Jennifer. It appears that your boyfriend’s phone display has failed. Did he drop the phone before? An S5’s screen is pretty resilient when handled correctly because of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. A fall, however, can significantly damage the S5’s delicate electronics including the screen assembly resulting to the problem you have described here. Water damage can also do the same thing on an S5.

However, if the issue happened out of the blue, your best bet would either be a device replacement or having the phone checked by a technician.

We only provide minimal solutions when it comes to hardware diagnostics and repair so it’s best if you can do either of our suggestions.


Map app getting “unfortunately maps has stopped” error in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi there. Your website is incredibly helpful because I just switched from Apple to Samsung. Latest problem is with the maps app which was working normally last week. Now it gives me an error message saying “unfortunately maps has stopped”. This only happens when I hit the route button. It can find locations and my location settings are on, but for some reason I cannot use the default maps app to route. This is very critical because I drive an ambulance and need navigation to be working at all times. Thanks so much! — Hailey

Troubleshooting: Hi Hailey. Any app from the myriad of applications users install on their phone can suffer from glitches from time to  time. If this problem is only happening with your map app, kindly follow the steps below so you can delete its cache and data:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Open the Apps list
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Touch Application manager.
  • Look for the app in question
  • Tap Clear data.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap Clear cache.

It’s also good to perform a soft reset on your phone from time to refresh the system. You can do this by removing the battery for at least 2 minutes before restarting.

If clearing the cache and soft reset won’t work, try to reset the phone to its factory defaults. Make sure to update your map app afterwards to ensure that it’s running the most recent software.


LED notification issue on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello! I’ve been going through your very helpful forum and didn’t find an answer to my problem so I figured I’d email.

My Samsung Galaxy S5 recently updated to Lollipop and now my LED notification light for my text messages is always blinking when the screen is off, regardless of having a new text message or not. I tried changing the colors through an app called Light Manager, which I have used successfully for a few years now, just to diagnose which program was giving me the notification LED, and it’s definitely the texting program. I use the stock messaging program.

Any helpful tips to turn this off? It’s very annoying to give a cursory glance at my phone, see the light blinking indicating a new text, and then there is no text.

Thank you! — Lindsay

Troubleshooting: Hi Lindsay. We understand how frustrating this can be. We believe that all you need to here is to check the LED notification options and change whatever setting suits you best. Please follow these steps below on how to change you’re the notification LEDs:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Tap Application Manager.
  • Go to All apps.
  • Choose Messages and uncheck notifications box
  • Tap OK.

You also would want to know if any third party application is creating a conflict that results to this problem by performing Safe Mode. Just follow this link to our tutorial on how to bring your phone in Safe Mode. If you have installed a third party app prior to noticing the problem, then most probably that particular app is problematic. Make sure that your apps are compatible with Lollipop by updating them.


Iron Knights game on Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “Unfortunately Iron Knights has stopped working” error

Problem: Hello. I hope you’re doing good.

I’ve been having a few problems with my Samsung Galaxy S5 since I updated to Lollipop.

One of the most annoying ones happens when I try to open a game (Iron Knights). When I tap the game’s Icon, both the Menu and Back key flashes 3 times and then the screen rotates without even opening the App, the screen rotates back to its normal place but it still doesn’t open the app.

This started to happen since I got an “Unfortunately Iron Knights has stopped working” error message. Weird thing is that I wasn’t using any app when that happened and I can’t seem find a solution. I tried restarting the phone, re-installing the app, erasing the app’s cache and data but nothing seems to work and the App/Game was working perfectly after updating to Lollipop. At least for a few days until I got that error.

I hope you can help me find a solution for this.

Thanks in advance. Regards. — Rodrigo

Troubleshooting: Hi Rodrigo. Have you noticed if this is the only app that keeps on crashing or giving you an error message? If this is the only one, the only thing that you can do now, given this is a third party application, is to contact the developer to ask direct assistance from them. If you can, please send them an email that includes the error message you are getting so they can respond to you. This is their email address: [email protected]

If other apps are also having similar issues, please do a factory reset to ensure that your phone runs a clean version of Lollipop.


Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “settings has stopped” error

Problem: Hey there. I am really hoping you’ll be able to help me out with this because I’ve tried a few different things and I’m now looking at the possibility of having to factory reset my phone.

Okay, I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is an awesome phone, has worked great for me for as long as I’ve had it up until today when I got the update for Lollipop…I updated and everything seemed to be fine until I went to go into my settings and found out that I can’t access them because “settings has stopped”. So I tried wiping the cache partition a couple times, that didn’t work. Restarted it, removed the battery, turned it on and off. Nothing is working. I am hoping you can shed some light as to something else I can do! Cheers. — Aiden

Troubleshooting: Hi Aiden. So sorry to hear about your issue. We have a similar case about a week ago and the only effective resolution shared by the reader was to do a factory reset.

As end users, we can only do much so please proceed with factory reset. We know that this fixes a lot of things after the Lollipop update so we are looking at a higher chance of restoring the normal functions of your phone afterwards.

Please do let us know after resetting the device if it helps so we can share it with other readers.


Samsung Galaxy S5 battery drains faster after Lollipop update

Problem: Galaxy S5 – I have had nothing but problems since the Lollipop update.

As soon as it updated my battery drained super fast. I mean SUPER fast. Example, I had it charged to 100% yesterday at 5:00 and by 5:24 I was already down to only 87% remaining. Before the update I never had any problems with battery life. I tried clearing all apps and doing force stops on some apps but it didn’t help. Someone suggested that I revert to factory settings and wipe the phone. I did – but it didn’t fix the battery problem. And, it’s created even more issues.

Since then I’m not able to ‘lock’ my screen as long as I’m connected to my Samsung Gear Fit which is annoying because I always have my watch on so now my phone never locks. Can you help with either of these issues?

I appreciate your help!! — Diane

Troubleshooting: Hi Diane. We know you have done everything that a user can do to try to a resolution but sadly, we are just as perplexed as you when it comes to your two issues. We know for sure that Lollipop update has caused these problems so a factory reset should have, at a minimum, resolved some of them.

At this point we recommend that you uninstall all third party apps you have re-installed after a factory reset and observe. Better still, try to do a second factory reset but do not re-install any third party apps (yet). Just observe the device for a day and see how the battery life goes. If everything appears to be normal, try to install the apps one at a time. Make sure to observe how the battery behaves again after each installation so you can further isolate the real cause of the fast battery drain issue. Do this step until you have installed all your desired apps. Also, make sure that all apps in your inventory are up to date to minimize bugs due to compatibility issues with Lollipop. Obviously, this will take some time and effort but this is the only effective way we can do to resolve the problems without resorting to device replacement.

As regards the issue of you being unable to “lock” the screen when Samsung Galaxy Fit app is enabled, it may be one of the “side effects” of the problematic Lollipop operating system in your device. We will look further into this particular issue to see if there’s an emerging issue for this certain app too after Lollipop update.


Corporate email contacts disappear when Samsung Galaxy S5 disconnects from Wi-Fi connection type

Problem: Droid Guy. On my S5 the contacts for my corporate email account disappear from the phone whenever I leave a Wi-Fi connection. Then when I’m on Wi-Fi again I can manually sync my email queue and the contacts are all re-constructed.  I’m attaching to our corporate email server via ActiveSync. Our Exchange server imposes no rules or restrictions on the connection. Is there a setting I’m missing in order to prevent the Contacts from disappearing while connecting via a cellular network only?

 I appreciate and  help you can offer. Thanks. — David

Troubleshooting: Hi David. Have you checked the sync options of the email app you are using on your phone? We are using our own work email via S5’s stock email app without any problems so far whether we are connected to a cellular network or any Wi-Fi. If you another email app (third party) please check all its sync options and experiment which setting suits you best.

You also want to double check with your company IT department if they are aware of any compatibility issues with Samsung Galaxy S5’s stock email app after Lollipop update was rolled out. For our part, this is the first time we encounter the issue so we will be monitoring this case by checking with thousands of our readers to see if they have a similar scenario.


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