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YouTube testing out a new radio feature based on your listening preferences

YouTube Radio

YouTube is now testing out a new radio feature which offers suggestions for “Radio stations” based on your listening preferences. This is sort of an upgraded version of the YouTube Mix feature which is currently available on the streaming site.

The radio stations are procured based on what you’re currently watching, so it will differ based on the sort of music or videos that you watch. There’s no word on whether this feature will be built into YouTube Music Key or available to all as through YouTube.

When a radio station suggestion pops up, users can like/dislike them for future reference, so it’s a pretty neat addition to YouTube’s music repertoire. It seems like Google is currently experimenting the feature with a select bunch of users, so not everybody will be able to spot it right away. But if everything goes according to plan during the testing phase, we should be able to see this feature going mainstream over the coming weeks.

Source: Google Operating System

Via: 9to5Google 

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