Three malicious Android apps spotted on the Play Store

Android Malware

Android has always been said to be plagued with malware ridden applications. New findings have revealed three such apps that were recently available on the Google Play Store. It is being said that over 5 million users have downloaded these apps on their handsets, leaving their devices affected.

The worst part about these apps are that they seem pretty fine at first and the malware won’t take shape until a certain amount of time. This can be anywhere between 2 days or a month. The device will also need to have been rebooted once for these apps to have any damage on the device.

This isn’t exactly a security threatening malware, but something which shows up prompts like “your device is affected” and redirects you to sponsored app hubs which can potentially put your data at risk. In some cases, these apps even redirect you to anti-virus applications on the Play Store, so some conspiracy theorists suggest that those developers might be paying to feature their anti-virus apps.

So which are the affected apps in question here? They are – Durak, Konka Russian History and Iwold IQ Test. We believe the applications have been removed from the Play Store, so new users are no longer at risk. We hope such malicious apps are quickly reported and brought to customers notice quickly to avoid any potential damage to devices.

Source: Avast

Via: Phone Arena

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