The AT&T 32 GB LG G3 Is $479 On Amazon With A Free $100 Gift Card

LG G3 Amazon Price

While the LG G4 may possibly be on the horizon soon, the G3 is still a great phone. And if you’re on AT&T, now you can get an exceptionally good deal on the phone.

First of all, this deal only applies to the 32 GB AT&T LG G3 in either Metallic Black or Silk White, so if you wanted a different color than Black or White, you need not apply.

That said, the LG G3 is either only $479 without a service contract, or just a penny with either a contract or AT&T Next. And regardless of which plan you choose to sign up for, you will get a free $100 Amazon Gift Card.

The terms and conditions are here, but it’s fairly straightforward. As long as you purchase an LG G3 between today and February 14th and sign up with AT&T on a non-business and non-government plan, you will get the discount on the phone and the Amazon gift card. So if you want a cheap LG G3, take advantage of this deal while it lasts.

Source: Amazon via Android Police