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Sprint planning to add 9,000 LTE sites in widespread expansion [Rumor]


The likes of Sprint and T-Mobile have been relatively late to bring 4G LTE to their customers, but are somehow managing to increase rollout of their networks. A new report now mentions that Sprint is looking to add a myriad of dual-band, tri-band as well as the carrier’s unique Spark networks over the coming months.

The site S4GRU has the complete breakdown of the expansion planned by the carrier:

  • 1,100 – Decommissioned iDEN sites converted for new Sprint CDMA/LTE coverage and increased density in some key under served areas (Dualband and Triband)
  • 1,600 – New coverage expansion sites targeting high roaming areas and key identified market expansion areas (Dualband and Triband)
  • 800 – New Dualband sites in exurban and new suburban areas places with new or projected population growth
  • 500 – New Triband sites in Urban and Suburban areas to infill coverage where 1900 and 2600 currently do not reach or reach well and 800 capacity would also be improved
  • 5,000 – New Urban and Suburban TDD-LTE 2600 “Spark” only sites infilling existing coverages for better signal quality, indoor performance, and capacity. It is not known if these are all macro sites or a mix of macro and pico cells.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on which markets of the U.S. will benefit from this new wave of expansion, but it goes without saying that Sprint’s 4G LTE networks will receive a significant boost over the coming months.

Source: S4GRU

Via: Android Police

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