Some Apps In The Play Store Have Adware

Google Play Android Adware

If you’ve ever been hijacked from an app to a website that looks like one you trust, but isn’t the website, then you’ve been a victim of Adware. While this is nothing new and has been on computers, security researchers from Avast say that some Adware has managed to get onto the Google Play Store.

According to Avast’s report, a variety of popular apps on Google Play have Adware in them, some of them having been downloaded over a million times. Some of these apps are Durak card game, IQ Test, and Russian History.

While the apps may seem harmless at first, some of them wait up towards of 30 days before exposing their true nature. And then if you fall for their scams, your passwords could be compromised, along with your identity.

Naturally, avoid the three apps named (two of which have already been pulled from the Play Store) and only download apps from developers you trust. If you suspect you have been infected, look through your recent app installs and consider downloading an antivirus program, such as Avast Mobile Premium, which is free.

Source: Avast via Phandroid