Skype for Android gets a new update with the ability to share images with offline contacts

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Microsoft’s Skype app for Android is now receiving a new update. If you use the app, the chances are that the update is already showing up on your smartphone/tablet.

So what’s new with this update? Well, you won’t find any visual changes, but the update brings the ability to share images with contacts that aren’t online. Prior to this, both users needed to be online in order to send pictures and there was no feature where a user could send an image to an offline contact. That changes today.

Apart from this, the developers have also added a new picture in picture feature which essentially lets users on smartphones navigate out of the Skype window while on a video call. Previously, navigating to the home screen while on a video call would either mute the video stream or terminate the call altogether.

The developers also have some bug fixes on board, so it’s a worthwhile update to Microsoft’s popular cross platform chat client. If the update hasn’t been spotted on your device yet, it might help to navigate to the Play Store and check for an update manually.

Source: Skype Blog

Via: Android Headlines

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