Samsung could be looking to withdraw its mobile business from Japan

Samsung Galaxy S6

A new report suggests that Samsung might be considering a complete withdrawal of its mobile business from Japan. This comes as numerous reports suggest that customers in the region prefer smartphones from Apple, Sony and other local manufacturers over Samsung.

Samsung’s marketshare in the region is believed to have dipped close to 4% as of recently, so this doesn’t strike as a surprise to us. The company’s TV business was shut down in 2007 for similar reasons.

It is said that Samsung currently ranks at 6th place among mobile OEMs in the region, which is quite embarrassing for a company which holds the top spot in global markets.

It is said that Apple’s new range of iPhones helped Apple’s marketshare increase to 30% in the region, so it’s clear that the Japanese public prefer anything but Samsung in the region.

Pulling out of the Japanese markets might help Samsung cut down losses to some extent, which will be crucial for the company this year. The manufacturer will unveil its new set of flagship devices in Barcelona this March.

Source: Business Korea

Via: G For Games