Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 35]

Here’s another post of Samsung Galaxy S5 problems, some of them related to the newly released Lollipop update.


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Low memory error after updating a Samsung Galaxy S5 to Lollipop

Problem: I did all of the Safe Mode stuff, removed the battery, contacted Sprint and Samsung about the issues with no help. I then did the factory reset and thought my problems were solved. Well, some of them were resolved but only to be replaced by new ones as now I continuously get a low memory warning over and over. I cleared cache and uninstalled some apps, moved some stuff to the SD card but none of these steps help. The second issue I have noticed these 12 hours after the factory reset is now the Wi-Fi keeps connecting and disconnecting during tasks that require Wi-Fi as I live in an area that the network data is not adequate to do anything. Again going through the safe mode stuff and taking the battery out. The battery life extended and the apps and entire phone appear to have stopped crashing so far but it is still early because other fixes I did I thought were partially successful and I am beginning to think history will repeat itself.

What else can I try? Samsung of course went through all of the time wasting questions and suggestions and eventually suggested that I could send it to them free to be looked at as if mine is the only one in the world to have this issue and that it must be the charger or battery that I might have replaced in the place of the original one I received with the phone in November. Nope, I am using the original of both.

Model SMG900P. Yes my nightmare began immediately after the upgrade and my first clue should have been the message at the time of the upgrade that some apps may be slow to open and respond upon the first time to open them following the upgrade.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely. — Jeff

Troubleshooting: Hi Jeff. It looks like you have a bigger share of problems following a Lollipop update compared to other S5 users. To be fair, there are a lot of S5 users without major issues after updating to Lollipop. However, it cannot also be denied that there’s a significant number of users that are not satisfied, you included. We think that the most common problems reported by S5 users stems from a few factors that make Lollipop as it is right now. One of these factors is the switch from Dalvik to ART or Android RunTime. Dalvik runtime was the default in KitKat so changing this core operating system feature to ART is a potential cause for more problems. ART basically differs from Dalvik in executing app functions by compiling instructions ahead of time (AOT). Dalvik, on the other hand, compiles instructions just in time (JIT). Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. For ART, the main disadvantage is the fact that it require more internal storage space after the initial update. Thus, if a device lacks enough memory space during the update to Lollipop, unforeseen errors can happen. If you keep on getting an error that the phone’s storage is not enough or that it’s low on memory, it’s most probably because of ART. Unfortunately, Lollipop has made ART the default runtime now and there’s no way for the device to utilize Dalvik. This is not to say that ART is not helpful. In fact, ART has become the preferred runtime now simply because it’s gentler to the battery and supposedly makes opening apps faster. Anyway, the best option that Samsung and service providers are suggesting to S5 users in the event of errors after updating to Lollipop is doing a factory reset. Doing it ensures that your phone runs a clean set of apps and operating system. Continue to observe the phone in the meantime after resetting it to factory defaults and let us know what happens.

To answer your second concern, we believe the cause of the problem is a bug in a little known feature in an S5 called Smart network switch. This feature is supposed to help users save time and energy swtiching between networks to keep their internet connection as stable as possible. However, it’s a known fact that Smart network switch has rather become the problem instead of being the solution so we recommend that you turn it off to prevent the phone from switching between networks unnecessarily. Disabling it also saves battery power. If you don’t know who to turn it off, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Tap Apps icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi.
  • Untick the checkbox next to Smart network switch.


How to disable Google Now and change icons of Notification panel in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi! My name is Chris and I’m experiencing a slight problem with my S5 Active. I don’t know when it started but I just know it’s been getting worse. When I press the home button a lot of times, it takes me to Google Now. It wasn’t always a big deal but lately I’ve had to press it 4 or 5 times to actually get me to my Home screen. My question is: is there a way I can disable the Home button from launching Google Now?

Other than this I haven’t had any other issues and love my phone thank you so much for any help!

Also another question, can I change the icons that appear when I drag down the notification bar? For instance I would like the airplane mode button up there as opposed to the S Finder.

Anyway have a great day thanks again for any help! — Chris

Troubleshooting: Hi Chris. We understand it can sometimes get annoying when you want to do something important and Google Now launches accidentally.

Here are the steps on how to disable Google Now on your S5:

  • Open Google app from the App Drawer.
  • Go to Menu.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Google Now and select OFF.
  • Turn off Location history if you want.
  • Tap Turn off.

For your second question, the answer is Yes. There is a way to change add, remove, or re-position the icons actively showing in the notification panel. Here are the steps on how to customize your S5 notification panel:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Sound and Display.
  • Tap Notification panel.
  • Tap Set quick settings buttons. Under this section, you can see two categories: Active buttons and Available buttons. Simply drag and drop the icons that you want to add or remove to and fro notification panel. There are 5 icons that cannot be removed from the notification bar so don’t waste your time looking for a way to take them out.


Samsung Galaxy S5 shows “Unfortunately music has stopped” error

Problem: Hey guys, I recently updated my S5 to Lollipop. Overall, I enjoy the update, but ever since, the default music app crashes several times before i can even play a song. Basically what happens is I will plug in my headphones and start the music app. As soon as I do, I get the error message pop up saying unfortunately music has stopped. It would do it occasionally on KitKat, but not like this. Now it takes me three or four error messages in a row before I can get a song to play. And then I may get two or three songs out of it and then it does the error message again. It’s driving me crazy, as I’m constantly listening to music. — Callibullock

Troubleshooting: Hi Callibullock. If there are no other issues on your phone other than this following a Lollipop update, then it must be an app problem only. There are usually two solutions that we suggest if we encounter an app-specific problem: app re-install or app cache deletion and/or factory reset.

Usually, the first solution resolves the problem. Because you are using the default music app, there is no option for you to re-install it. However, you delete its cache and data to reconfigure it. To delete an app’s cache, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Open the Apps list.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Touch Application manager.
  • Look for the app in question.
  • Tap Clear data.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap Clear cache.

If this first solution won’t work, simply follow this link on how to reset your phone to factory defaults. Remember, this step will delete everything from your phone so make sure to create a copy of your personal data first.


Samsung Galaxy S5 LED screen not working

Problem: Hi.  I’ve been having an issue with my S5 for the past two afternoons.  I will go to use my phone and the screen is reacting like it is being touched all over.  I have cleaned the screen.  i have removed the protector.  I have turned it on and off.  I have removed the battery.  I can’t do anything in settings as i can’t control what is being accessed. Thank you. — Monique

Troubleshooting: Hi Monique. Based on your description, the phone may be having a hardware issue. If screen acts like crazy after tapping it, that’s a strong indicator that the screen sensors have failed. Your only solution to this problem is by having the phone replaced or repaired by Samsung or local technician. This is necessary so that they can physically check the device for a possible screen replacement.


Is it a good time to get Lollipop for Samsung Galaxy S5 now?

Problem: I have the Galaxy S5. After reading on your site about all the problems people are having with the latest update, I have yet to do it. The phone tells me about once a day that the update is available but honestly I’m afraid to do it until they get the bugs worked out. My phone works fine as it is and I hate to mess it up. In your opinion, should I wait? — Keith

Troubleshooting: Hi Keith. We usually tell people to grab updates once available but, this time, it’s best if you can hold it off just a little bit longer. Although there are many people who are unaffected by bugs after switching to Lollipop, there are also a significant number of users across all devices who are reporting  issues with the latest Android version. We don’t mean to scare people away from getting Lollipop by our posts; we simply see the need to help people deal with problems. To be fair, Lollipop works exceptionally well if we take into consideration the millions of users who have different devices. In a bigger picture, Lollipop is as stable as any newly released Android version. KitKat had its own share of problems weeks after it was rolled out. We know that there are always unforeseen problems after a major operating system overhaul so let’s give Lollipop time to mature.

For us, it’s good that people are reporting bugs and issues so we can publish them. Doing this is helping raise awareness about the issue, which can be helpful for Google developers working to improve their new product.

Again, we are here to help readers like you. Should you decide to give Lollipop a wide berth right now, it’s up to you.


Samsung Galaxy S5 LED screen stopped working after a bump

Problem: Hi. I was wondering if you might help me. I walked into the corner of a sharp table with my S5 in my pocket. The table corner left a very light mark on the back cover. I went to unlock the screen and realized the phone was off. When I press and hold the power button, the green LED notification light flickers very quickly and consistently. I tried to connect the charger thinking perhaps the battery had died, and the same thing happens. When connected to the charger, the green LED flickers very fast and consistently until the charger is removed. Is it possible the battery was damaged? Or is it something internal, or perhaps not even related to the bump from the table? Kind regards. — Brett

Troubleshooting: Hi Brett. Does your phone still make a sound when you turn it on while connected to an AC charger? If it does, that means that the LED screen is the problem. There’s a big chance that the bump may have put enough pressure on the screen to break it. Your best bet here is to seek professional help.

Try calling Samsung first though to see if they can replace the phone for you. If not, have a technician check the phone to check the status of the screen.


Samsung Galaxy S5 getting “Unfortunately com.sec.imsservice has stopped” error after downloading Lollipop

Problem: Hello. I recently download the new software update to my phone. Ever since then my phone is pretty much unusable. The reason being is because every 2 seconds this pops up: “Unfortunately com.sec.imsservice has stopped.”

Now I have realized if I am not connected to Wi-Fi this will not pop up. It only will do it when I connect to Wi-Fi. I prefer to use my Wi-Fi when I am at home of course.

So I did three factory resets. No results. I took it somewhere to pay to have them flash my phone and no results. I have cleared cache with no results.

I have noticed that there are also others out there that are having this same issue.

So I guess my question would be, is there anyone or anything  that can fix this problem? Please help. Thank you. — Brittany

Troubleshooting: Hi Brittany. You are our first reader with this type of problem so we tried to do a little research on the subject. We came across some readers of Androidforums with the same exact error message. Basically, the issue appears to be caused by an app. Some readers suggested the problem went away after disabling Facebook Messenger, Go Launcher, and/or

Thinkfree Document Viewer. One user though suggested to bring the phone in Safe Mode  first, then clearing the caches of Contacts and Com.sec.imsservice.

If you don’t know how to clear cache of an app, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Go to Application Manager.
  • Go to All Applications.
  • Look for Contacts and Com.sec.imservice apps and tap on the option to clear their cache.

It’s important that you perform Safe Mode first to prevent the error from popping up.

We hope this will resolve the problem but if not, let us know so we can check on this issue again.


Samsung Galaxy S5 screen is black

Problem: Hello. My husband and I both have Samsung Galaxy S5’s and he does a lot of work from his phone! The screen of his cell has gone black we have fully charged it, taken the battery out, etc.

We have done everything we can think of and it’s still not responsive. The bottom buttons light up off and on ever so often.  We are supposed to be going out of town and my husband needs his cell phone for work! Any help or advice you can give us will be greatly appreciated! PLEASE HELP I DON’T KNOW IF WE’LL HAVE TIME TO GO TO VERIZON! THANK YOU. — Amanda

Troubleshooting: Hi Amanda. It looks like this is a time-sensitive issue and we apologize if this post will not reach you in time. There are only two reasons why a smartphone screen remains black like the one on your husband’s phone. It can either be a battery problem or a screen failure. If you have tried using another battery on your husband’s phone with the same result, then it’s definitely a hardware failure. We don’t offer solutions to fix hardware failure problems in this site. Please let a technician check the phone so they can diagnose if a screen replacement is necessary at this time. Calling Samsung for a replacement phone may be a good resolution if a local technician has isolated the problem to your screen.


Solution for Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi issue related to Smart network switch

Problem: I’ve noticed that on your site, a lot of people are experiencing the same Wi-Fi troubles I was. I have found that turning off “smart network switch” in the Wi-Fi settings menu helps with the issue of the Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting in a continuous loop. I believe this is because the smart network switch always try to maintain the strongest connection it can find, be that the Wi-Fi or the 4G LTE in the area. I hope this helps answer some people’s questions. — Brandon

Answer: Hi Brandon. You are right on! Smart network switch is supposed to make switching to a more stable type of connection available as effortless to the user as possible but, in reality, this is never true (at least in the meantime). Because a lot of people has reported the problem to Google and Samsung, it’s only a matter of time before this problem gets fixed. Let’s hope that a patch will soon be released to include a solution for this error. In the meantime, simply turn off this feature and you should be good.

We appreciate your input regarding this trouble. This will surely help other users fix their Wi-Fi issue.


SD card got damaged after Samsung Galaxy S5 update to Lollipop

Problem: Last July, I had trouble updating my software on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (it tried to do it automatically in a low-signal area) so I had to take it into Sprint to manually update it. For some reason the phone didn’t recognize the SD Card. So, my technician disappeared a few minutes and came back, and everything was ok.

Well, on the 19th, my phone updated to Lollipop.  All was great until it said SD Card Damaged…WHAT? Now it won’t read it.

Any suggestions? I have A LOT on that SD card. Also, I do not have personal computer right now. If I need to transfer the info from the “Damaged SD Card” to another one, how would I go about doing it?  What connecting cords and other hardware would I need? Thank you. — Courtney H.

Troubleshooting: Hi Courtney. We are sorry to hear about your damaged SD card. It’s always hard when this happens, especially if it stored a valuable part of your life or work. The only thing that you can do here is to try to insert that card on another device, be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to see if another device can still access its contents. If that happens, that means that the problem is on your phone. Try to save a copy of your personal data at this time.

However, if another device also fails to detect the SD card, that means that it has become corrupted. Sadly, there’s no way to recover files from a corrupted SD card.


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