Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 34]

Welcome to the 34th installment of our Samsung Galaxy S4 troubleshooter series. Most of the issues below happen after updating to Lollipop so feel free to go through them and see if you can use a solution.


If you have concerns regarding your Samsung Galaxy S5, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. We will appreciate it very much if you can provide as many details as possible. If you are getting error messages on the screen, or have observed unusual phone behaviors,  kindly include them in your email.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 displays “read report will be sent” error when sending SMS/text message

Problem: When I delete message threads on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5, I get a pop up saying “read report will be sent”. What does this mean? — Brooke 

Troubleshooting: Hi Brooke. This error comes up if one of your friends who sent you a message had enabled a “read receipt” feature on their messaging app. This means that had initiated a tracking mechanism in their text message to see if the intended target (you) has read their SMS. If you think asking them to turn the feature off on their end is too much, simply ignore the error message and delete the message threads normally.


Samsung Galaxy S5 LED screen stops working after a drop

Problem: I have a Samsung S5 smartphone. I had it inside an otter box case. The phone slid off of a book shelf falling approximately 4 feet and landing screen down. It didn’t break the glass but now the screen won’t come on. When I push the power button, I can see a very quick flicker in the upper 1/3 of the screen but that’s it. The phone chimes like it normally did along with the two buttons that are on either side of the home button at the bottom of the phone light up but again no picture. I can feel it vibrate, but still no picture.  Really bummed about this, think you can please tell me what is going on with my phone? Thanks.–Tom

Troubleshooting: Hi Tom. We’re sorry to hear about your phone’s display not working properly. A drop causing sudden blunt pressure on any electronic device is obviously devastating and can result to almost any hardware malfunction. If your phone still makes a sound like it normally does but appears to have a display issue, then obviously the drop has damaged the LED screen. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for a display issue that we can provide here. Please go to a local shop and have a professional check the status of screen. It’s not uncommon for a phone to lose its screen functions after a sharp drop. Someone needs to physically check the LED screen and see if the connectors are still in place. The LED screen assembly is a sensitive module and can easily get damaged if exposed to moisture, dust, and drops.


How to turn off the screen of Samsung Galaxy S5 while charging

Problem: My Samsung S5 was recently upgraded over the air to Lollipop and like many other users I am experiencing some difficulties. In my case it is with the notifications. I use the phone as a bedside clock and also charge up the phone at night. Under Lollipop, when the phone is fully charged a large white banner now comes up on the phone to notify you that the phone is now fully charged. It is sufficiently bright to wake me up and stays on until you swipe the notification away. This never happened in KitKat. I have tried everything to stop this including unchecking every app notification under sounds and notifications to no avail. 

Before I go through the process of downgrading to Kitkat which it seems will involve a system reset and reinstalling all my apps and email accounts again, I wondered if there was any other solutions to this issue. Many thanks. — Ian

Troubleshooting: Hi Ian. Lollipop has configured some settings on your phone to force it to fire up the screen if charging is done, most probably to easily catch the attention of the owner. Try to uncheck Stay awake while charging under Developer options. If you have not enabled developer options yet, simply go to Settings>About phone and hit the build number field 7 times. This will unlock developer options.


Samsung Galaxy S5 loses ability to learn new words when typing

Problem: Hello. I was perusing Google, trying to find an answer to the problem I’ve been having with my phone when I stumbled across your article. While it doesn’t provide a solution for me, it did offer your email address.

Let me explain what’s going on. Hopefully you can help me stop pulling my hair out.

I have had my S5 since July of 2014 and haven’t had any issues until last month. It kept freezing and the only solution I could find was to continuously do battery breaks to get it to start working again. Unfortunately, after the fourth or fifth break my phone decided to reset a few things. It didn’t fully factory reset, though. It seems the only thing I’ve lost is the ability for my phone to learn new words. It also lost the custom dictionary I had built up. It wouldn’t bother me if I had a name spelled normally, but that’s not an option.

So far I’ve only tried adding a dictionary to my phone, which has only helped to define the words my phone refuses to remember, and I’ve tried to change the settings so it learns from my Facebook and texting and email, which it struggles to do and only lasts a few hours at most.

Please save my sanity! I don’t want to have to do a factory restore and I haven’t found any help online for my specific problem. Thank you. — Stepfanie

Troubleshooting: Hi Stepfanie. There are only two possible causes of the problem you have. It’s either a messaging app issue, or a general operating system issue. Either the messaging app you are using, or the Android version the phone is running has been corrupted. Usually, clearing an app’s cache or data can easily resolve any app-specific error, but if the operating system is the real cause, theirs is no other workaround except to do a factory reset.

To delete an app’s cache, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Home screen.
  • Open the Apps list.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Touch Application manager.
  • Look for the app in question.
  • Tap Clear data.
  • Tap OK.
  • Tap Clear cache.


How to update Samsung Galaxy S5 back to Lollipop after reverting it back to KitKat

Problem: I recently received and downloaded the Lollipop update on my Galaxy S5. I didn’t install it right away because I was a bit nervous about the update due to many S5 owners comments about their devices poor performance after the update. I decided to wait. I ended up having to do a factory reset because of one or more apps causing issues with my phone. Not thinking about it I ended up erasing the Lollipop update also. So I tried to download the software update all over again only to be hit with a message saying that the server has reached its daily download limit try again later or use Samsung Kies. I have no desktop or laptop I can access Kies so my question is how long does it take to get the OTA again? I’ve been trying since yesterday and no luck. I have never seen this happen before so I’m not quite sure how this goes. — Marcus

Troubleshooting: Hi Marcus. Service providers like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc limit the number of users who can download major Android updates on a daily basis to avoid overwhelming their servers. As far as we know, this is done automatically by a computer by batches and is determined by the server’s capacity to upload the updates to applicable devices. If your device has been listed as having received the update already, there’s a chance that it may never get another update until the next patch comes in. Fortunately, Lollipop has proven to be still in the works and needs a lot of tweaks to work satisfactorily across all users so you can expect to download an updated version of this operating system soon.

If you can’t wait until the next update, try to contact T-Mobile to see if they can manually push Lollipop on your device.

Otherwise, you have to go through the hassle of updating the phone via Samsung Kies.


How to turn off Auto-capitalization and Predictive Text in Samsung Galaxy S5 keyboard

Problem: Hello. My name is Michael and I got the S5 not long after its release and I’ve had a constant issue since having it and another issue after updating.

The first issue is that every now and then, when I am trying to text, the phone automatically capitalizes every word and when that is happening even suggest completely weird words I’m nowhere near spelling. As I said it happens every so often but does get frustrating when it does happen.

The second gripe is that ever since the update, I cannot seem to figure how to get it to remember words I spell or won’t even spell the word suck without correcting it to duck. How would I go about fixing that. — Michael

Troubleshooting: Hi Michael. If you are using the default messaging app from Samsung, the best course of action is to change your Samsung  keyboard settings. To do this, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the messaging app and make sure that the keyboard is visible.
  2. Tap and hold the Dictation key located on the left space bar (icon looks like a microphone).
  3. Once a floating menu appears, tap on the Settings icon that looks like a gear.
  4. Under Smart typing, make sure to disable Predictive Text.
  5. You can also turn off auto-capitalization and punctuation under this menu.
  6. Change other settings as you may see fit.

If you happen to be using a third party messaging app or keyboard, try to go into settings as well and look for similar features above.


Unable to turn off Restrict background data option in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: A couple of weeks ago, I was exploring on my phone and found something that said restrict background data. I hit that button. Ever since then I do not get any emails. Not sure what I did but cannot figure out how to take it off. Already did research and followed people’s advice. However, the button is just not there to toggle. Actually the button is there to talk about but it’s grayed out so I can not uncheck it. This is what every website and most people’s advice was:

  • Go to Settings .
  • Go to Data usage.
  • Hit the very top right hand three dots and hit background data restriction.

But when I go to this, it is grayed out and will not let me check or uncheck it. Any advice? — Joe

Troubleshooting: Hi Joe. You are actually doing the right steps to turn background data back on but we think the reason why you are unable to uncheck the Restrict background data option is because of particular settings under Power Saving Mode. To check if our guess is right, try to go to Settings>Power Saving Mode>Turn on Power Saving mode>Block background data. Ensure that Block background data is not selected.


Dissatisfaction about Samsung Galaxy S5 notification and lock screen options

Problem: Hey there. I have a few brief questions regarding this new Android Lollipop update for the S5.

1) Previously, I could see notification icons from the locked screen (up on the notification bar at the top).  Now it just shows “Verizon wireless” up there, and to see if I have texts, emails, etc when on silent mode I have to completely unlock the phone and check.  I tried all of the settings and can’t get notification bar to work from locked screen.  Any thoughts?

2) Also, the blinking notification light no longer works on my phone.  It used to blink green for texts, emails, etc.  Again, the only way to find out if I have an email, text, snap, etc is to unlock the phone.  This is a problem because I keep my phone locked and on silent most of the day due to my job.  I tried the settings to no avail.  Any thoughts?

I’d really appreciate a response. Thanks guys! — Kenny

Troubleshooting: Hi Kenny. You are one of the many Verizon users complaining about the same problem here. Frankly, there’s nothing that we can do because this is just how Lollipop was designed to work. There are no settings to tweak here to transform the notification system of Lollipop like KitKat. Former iPhone users can’t help but notice that the new Lollipop notifications and lock screen works similarly like the early iPhone devices. If you want to let Google or Verizon know about your dissatisfaction with this new operating system, you may want to contact them directly. Alternatively, you can comment on other major Android forums on the web to also let Google developers know about it.


Why disabling Smart network switch saves battery power on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. I am writing to tell you what I have discovered on my S5. Like most people, the update to Lollipop destroyed my battery. I followed all your suggestions and finally did the factory reset. Thought it worked until the 2nd day and it was draining in 3 hours again.  I also had the Wi-Fi connectivity issue where it kept telling me every 2 minutes that I was connected to my home network. I assumed it was my router since I didn’t have this problem at work. Yesterday, I was showing my husband where the smart network switch was and I saw the one right before it about always allow scanning. I unchecked it and I have stopped receiving that notification about connected to my home network. As of right now my phone has been off the charger for 5 hours and my battery is at 77%. I am so excited and I really hope that this has solved my problem. Have you guys tried this?  I don’t think it should have mattered but it seems to have helped mine. If so, can you explain why? Thanks for all the help you have given us through this update and in those in the past. — Bren

Troubleshooting: Hi Bren. Unchecking Always allow scanning option or turning off Smart network switch altogether saves precious battery power as either of the two tells the phone to stop running background processes to look for the stable connection. Every time a phone attempts to connect to, say, a service provider’s network or Wi-Fi, it requires calculations to be done by your phone’s processor, a task that consumes battery power. Anything that happens on the phone requires power so the more tasks your device’s processor is doing, the more battery power is needed to complete them.

Unfortunately, since Lollipop was rolled out, it appears that the smart network switch feature, which on paper is designed to make connecting to a more stable network as effortless as possible to a user, has a glitch causing the phone to cycle between detected networks constantly. This creates an endless series of tasks for the processor, which in turn, becomes taxing to your phone’s battery. Because there seems to be no solution for the bug yet, turning off smart network switch can greatly improve battery power at this time.


Bluetooth problems on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello. This is a reaction to article with URL:

And to be more specific, this is a reaction to the part about the Bluetooth music stuttering.  I also got another question that is totally unrelated to Lollipop or software in general.

So first of all, I’m experiencing the Bluetooth music stuttering as well and I have been experiencing it from day 1 with my Galaxy S5.  I used to use Android 4.2.2 and an update to that version.  As of several weeks I updated to Lollipop, but no change in that issue.  It hasn’t gotten worse or better, the behavior is exactly the same. Sometimes no stuttering at all during music playback for hours, sometimes it can’t even play one song without stutter.  And honestly, I’m sick and tired of it.  How hard can it be to fix something basic as this? 

I’m also sure that there’s no problem with my Bluetooth audio device, which is a Samsung Home Cinema. My brother can play music fine on it with his S3 and a few friends with other phones can do it too. In fact I used to have LESS problems with my old phone being the Galaxy S1.

However, when reading the article, I can’t seem to find “Bluetooth share” in my applications anymore as of Lollipop. Is this renamed? I did do all the other steps, which were already suggested to me in May of last year, but that doesn’t seem to have any influence.

I am going to contact Samsung about this, and I’ll likely keep bugging them until it’s resolved.

I’m also not considering a hard reset, I tried this already several times, it just gave me extra work but no solution.

And then, about the other question I’ve got, maybe you’ve got some advice for me.

This weekend when I wanted to charge my phone, the protection piece on the bottom has broken off.  Is this something that happens frequently?  I’m guessing yes? Thanks for the articles by the way. Sincerely. — Thomas

Troubleshooting: Hi Thomas. Good idea to contact Samsung about this Bluetooth problem. As of this writing, there is still no word from either Samsung or Google on this issue. As the hardware manufacturer, Samsung’s main responsibility is to make sure that all the phone components are properly tested to work with Android operating system created by Google. Sadly, neither of them appears to have any solution in sight at this time for the many Bluetooth problems plaguing not just Samsung Galaxy S5s but even other Samsung devices.

To answer your second concern regarding the charging cover at the bottom of your device, yes there are many S5 owners reporting what you have experienced. This cover looks easy to break from our perspective as well. By design, the charging cover is supposed to durable and can withstand everyday use. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true in reality. We suggest that you contact Samsung for a replacement phone if this cover has been permanently damaged. Simple as it may seem, the charging cover is designed to keep moisture and dust away so if you leave the phone without it for a long time, you are eventually shortening the life expectancy of your device.


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  2. I had a Nexus 7 wifi only running Lollipop for several months before Verizon update for the S5 and I can tell you the notifications in the bar were there in the lock screen. Since Lollipop on my Verizon S5 no longer has those notifications, I’m guessing it’s not a Google thing but something Verizon did on purpose since they now use that space to plaster their name.

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