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  1. so recently my s5’s vibration hasn’t been working properly. it died for a few weeks and turned back on for a couple of days and died again. the beginning of this week it came back but just yesterday night it died again and nothing seems to be working for it to come back. I’ve even tried a factory reset and the vibration still didn’t come back.

  2. Hi Harvey, My phone just recently updated to Lollipop and after a quick search, it seems like everyone is having the same issue with the vibration pattern on texts where it used to be 2 short pulses versus 1 long pulse. I have tried what you have suggested and it doesn’t work which by the way seems like the wrong menu for what you suggest. The menu location only displays 3 slider bars for incoming calls, notifications, and haptic feedback; and changing those just increases or decreases the strength of vibrations. It does nothing to change the text message vibration back to 2 pulses. Oddly enough however, when adjusting the notification slider it does output the correct pulses but doesn’t correct the issue. Now there is a different menu under Settings > Sounds and notifications > Vibrations where you can select the different patterns but it only affects phone calls not text messages. Can you think of a different alternative to the one you suggested to correct this problem without the use of a 3rd party app?

  3. I have no outgoing incall sound unless I use speaker function on my s5 G900F since lollypop update. Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to fix this.

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