3 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems, Glitches, Errors, Solutions and Troubleshooting Guides [Part 62]”

  1. I’m having this exact issue and tried deleting things, but to no avail. Did you solve your problem? I’d appreciate the help!

  2. I will type a message, click send, and then it doesn’t show up at all and neither do any messages received unless in the notification bar. But then it only worked for 2 contacts. I deleted a lot of GB thinking it was a space issue but still the same. Idk what is wrong or what to do. I just updated to the new system that looks better and such. But now it sucks

  3. I have a samsung galaxy s4. I use to not have any problems but now I cant send pics it turns them to mms message and comes back message is expired. It does the same thing when trying to group text. Help please.

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